Christmas decorations and house washing?

Is it a good idea to wash a house with Christmas lights / decorations around or would you give a price then come back after the homeowner takes them down? What is the best way to handle this situation? Thanks

If the decorations are outside they should be waterproof. However if they are hindering your work, I would say wait till after they come down.

Hey thanks for the feedback, i just finished my rig and have only done a couple of jobs under my belt, but i got a call yesterday and this question arose, It doesn’t even seem logical why someone would even want their house washed with lights and decorations up in the first place.

Don’t do it. A friend of mine did some washing on his own house and ruined all his LED Christmas lights.

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Yeah that sounds like a pain in the butt.

I wont wash with lights up, best i can do is spot treat the house. The lights are water proof not SH proof. SH is corrosive and conducts electricity better than regular water so higher chance of messing lights up. This is the main reason i stop washing in Dec in houston, not worth the headache.

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Another beautiful reason to shut down right before Thanksgiving…

Whether the lights are safe or not is really not the issue. If you pressure wash the home and the homeowner’s lights fail for some reason (like most Christmas lights do) they are going to blame you. I’d stay far away from that if I were you.

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When does you business pick back up?