Chlorine tablets

stupid me forgot to call our distributor for SH (we have to call 24 in advance for it to be mixed) so i ran to a pool store and paid out the A** for some 2.5gal SH containers. This got me thinking, has anybody ever tried using chlorine tabs instead of liquid chlorine? Seems like if it worked it would be a hell of a lot cheaper!

this may be something that @CaCO3Girl might be able to answer

Don’t use chlorine tablets. From what I’ve read it will leave a film on the house if I remember correctly. I’m sure you’ll find a better answer if you search hard enough.

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Won’t work

i wasnt planning on trying it but the idea seemed like it would work in theory! i wont be doing it lol

Do you not have a dollar general newr you? They are everywhere and you can get 8% for cheap.

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^^That or Google pool stores in your area if you haven’t already

They are garbage and not meant for our industry.

That’s pretty much my feelings on the topic.

You would be missing a huge part of the SH. Sodium Hydroxide is used to stabilize SH. It’s also used in most heavy duty cleaners. Coincidence? I think not!

People go SH, it’s the best…it’s not just SH…and I’m not sure people get that.

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Walmart has 10% in the outdoor/garden center. Pallets of it.

In a pinch I find Wal-Mart brand bleach to be Just as Hot as the 10% I use. I mix it the same and get same results. I get the 10% for $2.50/gal so I stick with it but I’ve used Many gallons of Walmart bleach.

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