Chlorine shortage

Anyone seeing price increases or supply issues?

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Got the text today from my landa guy that said it’s coming soon and be prepared. He’s searching everywhere trying to keep 5000 gallons a week coming

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Nope. Hopefully I don’t either. Way too much work on the schedule to deal with that PITA.

Not yet, ill ask my supplier here in SC next time I’m there. That would stink. I guess sodium precarb for the work we can use it for and pass on the other work?

Here’s a little more about the cause.

I’ll re stock tomorrow

How exactly would one prepare for this? Seems there’s not much to do about it.

As with any business, you should have multiple sources. You can use a primary one but always have backups.

Interesting. I already pay a lot for SH here in New England, but I haven’t seen an increase yet except for the supplier raising their delivery fee from $35 to $42.50. (That’s a flat fee for any quantity)

After some more research, it looks like the cause of the shortage is a fire at a chlorine production facility. However, this facility does not produce SH chlorine, but Trichlor chlorine.
Thus, the shortage is not directly sodium hypochlorite, but there is expected to be a lesser increase in demand for SH as people use the many alternatives to Trichlor, of which SH is just one.

In other news, saltwater pool manufacturers partner with business insider to scare people into buying their product :joy:


THis is more about the chlorine pucks for pools, from what my buddy tells me. There is a shortage there, and possibly at the end of the season prices will be higher when people close their pools… Many sewage companies have their own chlorine generators, so doubt it has much of an impact there.

My SH supplier makes their own SH.

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Good to know.

But as the pucks become hard to find, people start using SH. I’ll be finding an additional supplier as a backup to my main and my 1st backup.

Also I’ll be asking my main supplier about what he’s seeing in the immediate future for supply issues, that way I’ll know if I need to fill my reserve holding tank.

Finally, I’m pushing more and more commercial flat work that rely less on SH and more on degreaser and such.

True. Fortunately though SH isn’t the only way to sanitize a pool, so the demand will be spread out amoung the different methods.