Chewing Gum

Question? What is going to be my best bet for removing gum from sidewalk? I have a job coming up that they want to clean the sidewalks and there is a good bit of gum on them. Here is the problem, I don’t have hot water and the gum has been there for a while. I have read Goof Off and vinegar and WD-40. Anybody try any of these and what were the results? Any other cleaners that will work?

Thanks in advance.

save youself the toruble, rent a hot unit for these situations until you can afford one. Gum and cold water, with any magical mixture, will not deliver the same result as hot water.

I agree with Dave.

There’s no better way to remove gum other then steam/hot water. If you had only one or two pieces to remove, you MAY be able to use a torch and a scraper - but that’s really pushing it.


Well thanks guys. I was hoping someone would have found something new but I guess I will have to try to find somewhere to rent a hot water machine.

I’m with everyone else, trying to remove gum with cold water is very ineffective. Takes forever with subpar results. Heck, it even takes some time WITH hot water, you’d be surprised how much time it adds to the job, especially on your first stab at it.

I can clean Gum with a Cold water washer, just call me Jeff.

Yeah, call Ron. He’ll certify you in “Cold Water Gum Removal”. lol.

I’ve seen companies here in Minneapolis use turbo tips and cold water to remove gum. Just makes it that much easier to educate the customer on the benefits of using a professional pressure washing company as opposed to their “other” options. A company can use a cold water unit to clean, and we can come as soon as their done and make the job look better with the use of hot water and the proper equipment.