[LEFT]who’s using what? I just bought some green wash cause it was upsols to me , and I needed something. Roof snot,fresh wash? Anything like mutual grow for the plants? What’s up?[/LEFT]

Dave, I have used the green wash it’s a decent product. Fresh wash and Roof Snot are the surfactants we use. We mix 3/4 ozs of fw to a gal of mix. We add the roof snot for added cling on steep roofs. Never heard of mutual grow.

Think he meant miracle grow???

Roof Snot for roofs, Fresh Wash for house wash and window cleaning…Green Wash is ok and a little high priced for what you get, I just found it wasn’t covering the scent as well, and I tried Fresh Wash and found so many other things it did BETTER. Especially keeping my mix alive for DAYS in this Texas Heat.