Chemicals to clean trex deck

What kind of solution to clean trex? Do I use sh solution? Please tell me a ratio of product to use that won’t damage this deck?

I would just do a 1/1. 6% with a bit of soap.
It’s basically plastic so you should be fine

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Thank you…I have done decks before but never toke on a Trex deck…I’m going to use a 2gal. Pump sprayer…50/50 mix. Deck brush…and light pressure…

Trex is fundamentally 1/2 recycled wood fiber and 1/2 recycled plastic. If using 12% SH, a “50/50” mix is 6% SH, way too strong for the wood fiber content. Even if 6% is used, still too strong of a mix.

Wood is “held together” by complex organic polymers called lignin. SH above 2% or so will start to break down this natural wood “glue”.


We DS trex. Then use a very light fan tip to go over it

Thank you guys…the deck came out beautiful

Good morning all,

Stupid rookie question here and I was thinking about. when washing a house right up against a deck, how would you stop the deck part next to the house from not getting clean from the house wash solution you use and then you have a clean deck next to the house and the rest dirty.

I know ideally you would want to clean both but in situations where the customer just wants the house washed.

Pre-wet your deck when you get to that area and keep wet and then rinse well when you rinse the house.

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Thank you Racer

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