Chemicals needed for a basic driveway wash

Hey guys, I’ve seen many people on here post that they pre treat/post treat with SH and water. Are there any other chemicals needed for a driveway/walkway wash? Oxalic acid? Elemonator?

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Depends on if there are oil or rust stains but most people pre-treat and or post treat with SH.

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Usually pre treat I spray my house wash mix. The soap helps loosen and lift some dirt and the SH kills any organic like black mold. Then after I surface clean, I usually do a pump up of 5 % SH (water and SH only no soap). When it dries, the SH leaves a white residue which is the “brightening” part of post treating.

After cleaning, If there is rust stains, I will let the customer know and try to upset.

When spraying your 5% do you just avoid that last few inches near the grass? Because that strength could cause damage. I haven’t started post treating for worry of killing grass.

I have never burned grass using a 5% mix even while spraying on the grass. But 3 to 6 inches is recommended away from the grass. Trust me you’ll be fine. I use a pump up sprayer so it is easy to control. Just don’t soak the driveway in bleach, mist it

Is the Oxalic acid for removing rust?

Yeah, rust removal is one use for Oxalic acid. If Oxalic won’t remove it you then move up to F9 Barc. You should charge a premium price for rust removal. It’s definitely not part of a regular driveway cleaning.


Yes but others have said it brightens concrete and well. I have not used as post treat myself.

At some point I may try downstreaming some surfactant while surface cleaning and see what happens. Maybe it’ll finally get rid of the striping issue, who knows.

Can’t, not at any usefull psi.

Oh right, forgot high pressure shuts off soap. Darn. Been using my remote for a year.

DS the soap for your pretreat.


I know, done it many times. It’s been a long day lol.

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