Chemicals from "Softwash Systems" Feedback please!

In my quest to find Canadian suppliers of house wash chemicals, I stumbled upon the following company:

Softwash Systems

They have a chemical line that I found a local supplier for. But, I have never heard of them, and they are not PressureTek, who I would love to purchase from, but shipping here sucks.

Does anyone have experience using chemicals from this company? If not, would you mind having a look at their chemical lineup and give me some feedback?

Your advice is appreciated!!!

Softwash systems is a fantastic marketing company.

That being said, folks are happy with the chemicals and equipment. Check the msds’s or whatever it is in Canuckistan. I’d imagine you could find comparable products under names you may never have heard of or even mix some of your own. I think @Racer made his own surfactant for awhile didn’t you?

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Long sordid history. Do some research on it. That’s a link to a product he was selling as a bleach alternative until everyone found out it was just calcium lol.

If this issue was with “powdered bleach” do you feel that eliminates any other products from SS’s chemical line? It didn’t sound like green wash was the problem, and I really just need a good surfactant that I can source without going through shipping hell.

I really want to use professional chems. I don’t even mind making my own if @Racer would share the recipe. But I just got nailed for $40 unexpectedly for duties on a $45 J-Rod because I shipped it to Canada.

I am getting sick of paying double what you guys are for the same thing.

Sorry, frustrated.

I love their chemicals. They’re just a little on the expensive side for the everyday hw. On nicer homes I use some of their stuff. Their Green wash is my absolute favorite soap. I also use the plant wash and final rinse. Many of the bigger softwash guys use their chemicals.


Good to know, thank you! Chances are that I will pay less for this “expensive” product than trying to ship eLemonator to me in Canada.

I’ve always wanted to be a soap mule…


Where in Canada are you?

Toronto, I am practically more in the States than a lot of states. lol

Is it a flat $40 per item? If so, just get a drum. It doesn’t go bad over time

It feels so random to me, I have no idea, but I bet it is not flat rate!

You’re hired! Where can you fit the 5 gallon drum?

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I know but I’m too much of a gentleman to say


I have a similar problem, but in reverse. I have J. Racenstein 12 minutes from my house. They have LOTS of totally legit, professional chemicals (including SoftWash) that I can get with no shipping at all. But I just don’t know a darn thing about any of them.

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I’m jealous

I live 6 miles from Xterior sales, home of gutter zap and the xjet, and my Landa dealer delivers fresh bleach every Monday. I got Bob from pressuretek to ship drums of elemantor to my Landa guy, so when the drum is empty, a fresh one magically appears lol. I don’t have to order anything. Landa knows what I keep in stock and they keep my bins full of fitings, injectors etc. I live in a great place to own this business


Hey Dan, Any luck finding anything north of the border? I’ve been paying out the you know what to ship. Any help would be appreciated !!

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That’s hilarious

Edit: just saw the date on this thread lol

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Last year I was using a car wash soap from Swish as a surfactant, and I was really happy! This year they changed the formula and when I mixed it with my SH in my tank, it erupted like a volcano.

I don’t feel like experimenting anymore, so I am back to using Arm + Hammer Laundry with Oxi Clean. I decant it into larger containers so I don’t look like a chump when mixing HW on site. It’s not sexy, but it works and makes me good money housewashing.

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