Chemicals and Such

Hey all, I am trying to make an chemical “cheat sheet” that I and my first employee (when that day come) can use when preparing for jobs. I’d like to organize it for example like

-Chemical Name (example EBC or F13)
-Materials and stains to use on (like “best on aluminum” or “exhaust smoke stain”)
-Materials to keep it away from. (like “may etch glass”)
-General go-to mixture. (mix 50/50 and add 3oz soap for 5 gallons)
-Special notes (like "pre soak, let sit for 15 minutes before rinsing)

I’m super new to the chemistry part of all this and have read a lot of info on products people use (lots of contradicting info as well)

If I can get enough solid information, it’d be awesome if I could make an excel spreadsheet of the most common power washing chemicals and post it here for any newcomers looking for advice.

or maybe some of you know a place where all of this info already exists in one place?

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I haven’t seen it on here broken down like that.

I would also add what machine to use it on…the last thing you want is your employee confusing a pump up sprayer mix and a power washing mix :rofl:

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True! I will add as much info as I can. :grin:

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There is no cheat sheet but if someone sent you one, would you completely trust it? Don’t trust or believe everything you read. This forum is a goldmine of good information and the more you read, the more you’ll find out who’s opinion and advice you can trust. I suggest investing a lot more time in reading the forum and learn from hands on experience. As time goes on you will find yourself able to make yourself and your employee a “cheat sheet” if you find it necessary.

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I do something like the OP is suggesting but I include who/where the advice came from. This kind of thing isn’t necessarily a definitive guide. It’s a starting point or mental kick in the pants. At least that’s how I use it. :+1:

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That’s not a bad idea. I’d happily add links to where I got the info. Also, to Max1, I am hoping that after spending the time making the cheat sheet, I will know enough and would have had enough time using some of them to not need the cheat sheet. But I know I would have definitely liked having a good base to start at when I first started. I’m sure other newbies would feel the same :+1: