Chemical Tank Leak

So the chemical tank I have on the trailer now is still leaking (like many said it would) so I am going to have to figure out a new option. I was thinking about getting a 35 gallon tank from Tractor Supply with an actually bulkhead. Will this hold up any better? Or should I figure out another option?

As you can see it is a very small leak, but if it’s anythig like the first time I fixed it, it will just get worse. Would installing a bulkhead at the top with a drum pump be a better solution?

Get a pco tank with no bulk heads or openings at the bottom. Just pull your chems from the top

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I was looking online, but I am having a hard time finding any tanks without bulkheads. Any reccomendations on where to find one?

I would assume they have smaller tanks I just saw this searching quickly.

I saw that, unfortunately I need a smaller size due to limited space on the trailer. Their only PCO tanks are 50 and 100 gallon. That’s why I thought the 35 gallon would be good.

They make them just search 35 gallon pco tank. 35 is a odd size and you will probably pay more for shipping one than the tank it self. I would check Craigslist and try to find one locally. If this tank is for a house wash mix then you really dont need a huge tank. I use a 15 gal for my house wash and a 50 gal pco for straight SH for roofs.

Something like this would save you space:

There are several companies that sell tanks just like this in various sizes. Once you have one picked out that you like, I would call them up and ask if they can just slap a UPS label on it and avoid the ridiculous freight fees.

Fimco tanks will not hold up to bleach. You are taking a huge risk with a drain on a bleach tank on an open trailer. It will not pass an insurance audit and isn’t safe

Yes, I absolutely agree. That’s why I am changing it as soon as I can. I haven’t started jobs yet, and won’t until I get it fixed the right way. That’s why I was wondering if the 35 gallon tank would hold up. However, it is looking like I need a PCO tank. I just need to find one that will fit in the location i have on the trailer.

Put a 30 gal drum there. They’re easy to find or a clear 55 and just partially fill. You’ll need to find a way to secure them though.

So my father-in-law is an aircraft mechanic, and he said they have some sealant they use on fuel tanks that he thinks will seal up the Fimco tank. Thoughts? I told him I was advised to get a PCO tank.

Asking the question a different way doesn’t get different answers

I really like the vertical tanks power wash store has. Like what @Racer has. It’s only 18x18. I don’t know if that would work for you but a local guy here have one and with the straps it’s pretty sturdy.

No it will not work that sealant is intended specifically for leaded fuel. Chemicals like sh will eat it away . Not to mention that stuff is so expensive a small tube cost more than a new tank

Well my father-in-law has access to it without having to pay for it. That’s the only reason I asked.

Having your father n law steal something for you probably isn’t a good game plan either. Nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it


I will find a new tank option.