Chemical Pricing

Hey guys! Finally got the 5.2 GPM unit running and hot water works. Cost me about $250 to get it pressurized and running well. Not bad at all! My question is about SH and Chem. There is a Hotsy dealer near me who sells Chemical and supplies. They can also deliver chemical. I believe the price for a 55 gallon drum of 12.5 SH is around $400-500

I know they are a business and there is markup but is this a fair price for commercial grade SH? Also what is a decent surfactant to use with SH for house washes. My first house is a mix of brick and vinyl next week. I read about mixing a lower surfactant ratio for brick but not sure if it matters too much. Thanks guys!

That is a super high price. I pay $155 per 55 gallon ($2.81/gallon) At $400 they are at $7.27/ gallon which is insane. I use elemonator from pressure tek as a surfactant.

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Thats a great deal for some SH only $7+ a gallon, NOT

Find a pool supplier, or chemical supplier in your area. The absolute most you should be paying is $3 dollars a gallon maybe a little more if they are delivering… Look up Univar see if you have one close.
Right now im paying 1.68/gallon.

As for what surfacants/soaps to use, use the search tool.

@Donte55. Are you getting the 300 gallon tote delivered for that price? Plus $1200 deposit…or are you getting low quality drums for that price

yea 55 gal should be about $150 for 12.5%

Quantity. Not quality lol

I get 55 gallons for $112 here in NC

I dont go through univar, im going through napco chemical for 1.68. At one point i was at a pool supplier for a 3.50 a gallon, and they came in individual gallon containers, that was a pain.

I also dont get delevery, they are less than 10 miles from me so i just take two drums and fill them up. No deposit, no giving them barrel back i bring my own. They will only let you buy 100 gallons at a time. They sell it at 10% but i think its stronger, and even at 10 it still burns.

In Florida, i know of guys getting it for a dollar or less, they have it good in terms of chem cost.

Its rough here in northwest Arkansas. I have checked around and the pool suppliers don’t have it only in powder and Univar wont deliver because its residential address. Do you guys have to drive 3 hours and haul back a 55 gallon drum of 12.5? I would just think there would be a larger supplier of bleach for a decent price.

Did you try looking for a local manufacturer or chemical maker and buying it from them. That’s how we got our deal. I would even called laundry services. They might not use what your looking for but they might have a connection to a company that can provide it.

I finally found a company out of Tulsa, OK about two hours away that will sell a 55 gallon drum for $142.45 if I pick it up. It’s another $90 if its delivered to a commercial address. I have a 35 gallon chem tank on my trailer with a 300 gallon water tank. I don’t know what most guys do but I guess I could have them load it on my trailer and just pump 35 gallons into my siphon tank.

Just get your own drums and transfer on site. @Racer suggested that to me a few weeks ago… awsome idea

While your there buy the 55 gallon drum of bleach and go ahead and fill your chemical tank up to that you will get more for your trip :+1:

most places wont let you take 110 because of the weight…over 1,000 pounds have to have a cdl with hazmat endorsement

No more than 5 minutes ago, I was calling around trying to find a supplier for a job I have to travel for I found Harcros Chemicals. They’re a nationwide company and they just quoted me $1.97 per gallon.

That’s bittersweet. I’ve been paying through the nose for SH and the woman on the phone a few states away told me they’re headquartered in Kansas City on the KS side. I’ve called no less than 50 places, not even slightly, remotely exaggerating and this was just far enough away it was down the list.

Looks like Harcros is my new supplier.


As mentioned, talk to other businesses in the area. I bet there are quite a few others getting it delivered. Think local water departments, cattle farms, pool supply, janitorial, etc. I’m sure you can fine a place that’s willing to hook you up. Even if you have to split a delivery charge it’s worth it. I’d pay the whole $90 delivery charge before driving a total of 4 hours to pick it up. A local cattle farm would probably be more likely to hook you up.

I found Harcros by calling another pressure washing company in a completely different state. It took all of 40 seconds. I apparently love doing everything the hard way…

That’s awesome. Weren’t you paying almost $4 a gallon before?

yes. 2 cents away.

I had a local fleet washing/ trash bin supplier–Hydo Chems- Give me a price for 16% SH (didnt know they could manufacture that high) Any of you guys use 16% before? ive been using 12.5% for years