Chemical Noob

Hi everyone. Just starting a pressure washing business. I am starting to learn about the different chemicals and how to use them. I want to do standard pressure washing (driveways, patios, ect.) and also roof washing and house washing. I wondered what type of storage and application methods you have. I have an x-jet and a downstream injector. I originally thought I would get a 1 gallon sprayer for every different chemical for direct application on stains and such. Then when doing house and roof washing mix it up into 5 gal buckets. Does this sound sufficient for just getting started?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can mix your bleach and soap into 5 gallon buckets, and then downstream or xjet out of them. Roofs you will need something stronger to apply with, like a 12V dedicated pump. Roofs take a lot more mix than a house… 30-40 gallons or more isnt uncommon, even on small roofs. Best bet there is to mix it in a 55 gallon drum, which you can find on craigslist for $15-$20.

You can find better mix tanks, of course, but thats a start.

What chemical do you use for roof washing?

Or I use this and just drop in a draw tube. The machine stays on the trailer or is the trailer rather. You can find these on Craigslist too for cheap.

Carrying buckets is a pain IMO. I only X jet stucco. Not a damn thing else.

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12v seems like a pain too. Everyone of us has an old Honda 200 sitting around if we started with a small machine. @timetoshinepowerwash talked me into running a pesticide pump. With hoses and pump on a motor I don’t have to charge out the door equals less than $1k with a killer chemical pump.

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Same as for the house, just stronger. House mixes are usually 1%, roof mixes are usually 3-5%.

Downstream typical mix in a 5 gallon bucket for 12.5% bleach is 2 gallons SH to 3 gallons water. Adjust up as needed. Some people dont even cut it, but most say not cutting it is unnecessary for typical house washing.

Roof typical mix using 12.5% bleach for 50 gallon mix is 12.5 gallons - 20 gallons SH. That’s 3-5%, direct application. Some people go 50/50. The stronger you make it, the faster it works, and the faster it burns up vegetation if you arent careful.


I’ve been reading on setting up a roof pump. I’m wanting to be on a budget. I’m one of those guys with a predator 212 sitting in my garage. What can I bolt to it so it can be a dedicated chem motor?

Predator engines are usually just Honda knockoffs, not to be read as
“synonymous with Honda”. Most pumps will tell you the HP required and the
bolt pattern measurements.

Or take your engine to a pump distributor near you and see if the one you
want fits.

I downstream 3 gal 12.5% with 2 gal h20 …that’s pretty much my house mix for most of the jobs I have done… only problem I have is when cleaning brick and stucco …don’t seem to get that clean… once I get my roof pump setup what kind of ratio would u use for a house wash useing the 12v setup?? Would you use the same ratio you use for a roof?