Chemical Injector Info

I am a bit confused about when I read about chemical injectors. I understand the ratio (i.e. 10-1, etc.), but I am unsure about the 20% fixed and/or adjustable.

Personally i never bother i use it full

Don’t bother with the adjustable ones, more trouble than they’re worth and I’ve always had more problems with them. Just get the stock GP 3-5 gal ones. Like $13 each for just the injector.

Okay, thanks…Yeah, I wasn’t overly sure what it meant by “20%” and so-on.

What size is your machine?

4 gpm

Then a standard GP injector, 3-5 gal 2.1 I think pulls right at 10-1. Mine actually does about 9-1. Once you get just check it and then you’ll know.

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