Chem transfer?

Im sure a select few of you saw my post earlier in the day on the new rig (yay) which has a nice tunnel box mounted on it. The plan is to put our drum of chem in the tunnel box to keep it out of harms way however, this leads us to the issue of transferring chem out of it as we will not be able to utilize the normal hand crank pump we have. The only suitable option i see fit now would to be wire in a small power inverter and to plug in a small 12v pump and pull from the drum when needed (we could also use it to power our extra hot box when needed if we get a big enough inverter). Any other ideas or options available? What do you guys

Not sure why you need to go from 12v, to an inverter, back to 12v. But I may have read it wrong. We use these on the trucks when needed. Pretty effective if you are only dealing with 55 gallon drums

i understand what youre saying, i figure having the inverter would be a good option to be able to plug in other things like the hot box when needed. The only other way i could figure to power that would be to mount a small generator

Batteries… and at the end of the day you hook up the charger.

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Yes. If your just transferring chems a marine battery will last you a month between charges probably

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fair enough. I suppose i could just hook up to our roof pump battery to transfer, ill just have to change up the imaginary lay out i have in my head :rofl: what do you guys recommend for running the hot box?

Use your roof pump to transfer , no need to add a seperate pump. Add a 3 way 1/2in valve at the reel inlet if you don’t want to run straight SH through your reel. I do… after 6 months I have to replace a leaking swivel but o well

just saw this. might be an option

Or just wire to your vehicles battery, through this:

Your alternator will charge the battery and not flatten your starting battery.

6 months per swivel eh? What brand and do you rinse? I’m horrible about rinsing. I have GP reels

I havent ran into this problem yet but I’m thinking I can just rebuild it.

Just get a super swivel. They’re like $60 but one on sw reel is over 4 years old and gets used a lot. But I’m a fanatic about rinsing. .How can you not rinse? Turn one valve and let pump run for 60 sec while you’re rolling up hose…

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I must not have my setup plumbed correctly. I have no valve to turn. When I rinse I pull up the drop tube and place it in my water tank. Then I have to run water through 200’ of hose and hope to catch it before I’m watering down my roof mix. I’m sure there’s an easier way, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

I thought about plumbing it to where it will at least rinse out the pump. Put a three way valve on the discharge end of the 12v. If I want to rinse it I could turn the valve and rinse the pump, but still have SH in the hose and reel.


Why do you care if you water down your roof mix if you’re thru using it for the day? Before I had proportioner, did the same, just drop my intake hose in a bucket of water. Five gal of water thru it flushes out pump, reel and hose and rinses everything.

How are you watering down your mix? Maybe I missed something

I have a three way ball valve on top of my bleach tank (not my mix tank) it’s mounted on my drop stick. I have it plumbed to a drop stick in my tote tank. Whenever I want to run water through the pump I’ll turn the valve so the arrow is pointing towards the water source. I’m set up to pull from that tank to my mix tank. I also have a three way at the accumulator which is how I flush out my pumps. That way I can flush my pumps after each use and the line at the end of the day

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I’m done using it for the day but I still have a lot left. If I dilute it each time I use it, it will no longer be the desired strength.

I did have it timed to 1:35 seconds until it discharged only water, but it still had some water going into my mix tank.

Ive just accepted the fact I’ll be replacing stuff in 6 months. The last one lasted 5 months, I just replaced the housing so now I have a spare.

You don’t have something setup right. You’re draw tube goes into water which goes straight to your pump. How does that effect your mix at all other than washing out what’s left in your hose.

Yea, that’s convenient. Instead of switching the drop stick, turn the valve. I considered that but it doesn’t solve the problem of flushing 200’ of hose with getting the mix diluted.

I’m probably going to plumb the intake how you have, and the discharge the same way but for the purpose of flushing the pump and bypassing the reel and 200’ hose. At least my pump will last longer. I’ll jist have to replace the swivel as needed.

When I switch the drop tube from sh mix to water I then put the gun discharging the sh that’s left in the line back in my tank. As I continue to put the remaining sh (in the hose) back in the tank it will eventually turn into water, at which point it’s going to dilute my mix if it’s not timed perfectly