Cheerwine patches

Kids just got back from camp and going back again for a couple of weeks as CIT and Staff.
Came back with these…


Winner winner, Cheerwine dinner

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That drumstick looks weirdly skinny. Like just bone, no meat.

Lol, looked fine to me, got them from Publix, good stuff

Where is the meat?

The bottom one looks like a normal wing drum. The one on the top looks like a breaded bone. lol

Alright, for comparison

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Ha ha ha, again, It must be a trick of the camera. How is the bottom piece so meaty and the top looks like a breaded bone???

You just showed me a smaller eaten bone. Omg, ha ha ha ha. Get some breading on that bone and fry it up pronto!!!


Lol, well regardless is size it was very good, or as you northern friends might say, tres bon

The best way to eat chicken and cheerwine is to throw the chicken away, cook a ribeye and open the cheerwine