Cheerwine festival


@Innocentbystander sent me a bottle to try with specific instructions. I enjoyed it a lot. No one i know has every heard of it so i shared it with friends over cinnamon rolls. He recommended krispy kreme donuts but i dont have one close. And i gotta say im a fan


In lieu of Krispy Kreme, throw some butter in a spider, warm it up and put a glazed honeybun in there and sizzle it about 20 seconds on each side. Eat with a fork and wash down with Cheerwine.

Saw this last week up north…thought it was some :upside_down_face: weird joke till I saw it with my own eyes.


We have a local bbq joint here in IL that has Cheerwine on fountain. It’s about the only place you can find it around here. Although, there is a farm store that carries a bunch of single bottles of different stuff from around the country and will sometimes have it. I’ve never seen it anywhere else around here.

Crap, I forgot to pick some up at Meijer.

When we meeting for lunch? I’m super bored!

I got some Cheerwine form a friend on the East Coast and it reminded me a bit of Kentucky Nip

The word “legend “ is very applicable

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We will one of these days.

I have a feeling we’re going to get nailed with one of those big snows and you won’t be bored for long. It has been awhile since we’ve had a real big one. It has been such a mild winter so far and seems like that’s when it usually happens. I’m talking 18" + . They’re’ talking 2"-4" of rain over the next few days so just imagine if it were cold enough to snow!

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We’re getting rain here today and tomorrow then 3-6 inches of snow. It’s going to get rough here. Ice storms. I’m headed to get multiple cans of fuel for the generator today.

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I think we’re suppose to get the same. I heard rain is turning to ice and snow Saturday but I haven’t looked into how much we’re suppose to get. Those ice storms can be brutal. My in-laws got hit with the real bad one in Kentucky quite a few years ago. It took years to clean everything up on their 40 acre farm. The tops broke off of about every tree. At least we’re a little further North to where we don’t get as bad of ice storms as they do further South but they still suck. It doesn’t take much ice for branches to start busting off.

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Yeah, Missouri and Illinois are about to get it.
And I’m supposed to be traveling around Missouri on Friday and Saturday. :confused:

I’ve got enough fuel to run the generator a week. Just wish the water heater and oven were gas. My generator (Predator EU3500) will run the whole house but those two.

You know you can get them diesel 10, 15kw military gennys at auction for pretty cheap right @SchertzServicesLLC

You come convince blaire I can sit one of those things in the yard and I’ll buy you a prime rib dinner!


Build a privacy fence around it @SchertzServicesLLC , then she can decorate and bling the fence with window boxes full of flowers n crap, and mulch the bottom and install sexy boulders n stuff.
I thought they only took your gallbladder , They didn’t snip the sac to did they buddy?


:point_up:This man husbands.


@Innocentbystander I stopped into a restaurant in North Carolina a few weeks ago and behold, Cheerwine on the menu.