Checking in with my early morning Monster drink

So who else is coming to this “Breath of fresh air” new PWRA bulletin board and what’s your early morning drink of choice?
Me it’s one Monster drink every morning that takes about 3 hrs to drink…


Coffee to start- fresh ground 8 O’Clock Bean french roast.

If we do Monster drinks it’s usually a Rehab (the tea and lemonade flavor) or Absolutely Zero for no sugar crash. It’s so hot now that we pass on them since caffeine dehydrates you so badly.

Coffee. I’m addicted.


I start my day @ 430 with a black cup.

5:30 a new one goes down…

Then a monster absolute zero is picked up on my way in… around 8 am

By 9 am my eye is twitching just enough to let me know I am properly caffeinated.

I have a reoccurring note that pops up in my “things” task management to let me know NOT to buy another one during the day.

Thad got me hooked on the Monsters this year in NOLA.

My case of Rehabs for the weekend went the first morning when the hangover guys hit the parking lot and saw me grabbing one. They were just too pitiful and polite for me to refuse them.

I guess I better bring two cases to NOLA2013!

Big cup of coke And then bojangles tea

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Cup o joe

Diet Mountain Dew…I would have my blood replaced with it if I could

COFFEE!! I drink Powerade Zero while working and usually a Red Bull Zero around lunch.

Normal day is 8 cups of coffee and two 12 oz sugar free redbulls between the hours of 7am and 11am. By noon I think I need to go to the hospital, at 2:00 I declare I won’t do this tomorrow, at 7 when I get home I refill the coffee maker for the next day.

Yes I am defintion of a health freak.