Check Valve?

Is anybody using a check valve in the supply line to your pump? I am thinking about installing these one way check valves to prevent the pressure washer pump’s from losing their prime when I drain the buffer tank. My main concern is whether they will restrict the flow of water to the pump and whether or not they are even needed.

My machines sit 3 feet above the tank outlet. Even if they lose prime it only takes about 2 seconds to prime. An udor can run a couple of hours dry. Even with a general or other pump you shouldn’t need one.

I have a ball valve on my input, and leave it open 99% of the time. Occasionally I’ll close it if I want to empty the tank completely. But I make sure I fill the tank back up to the bulkhead and re-open the valve before taking it anywhere. It’s a horrifying experience to wonder why there’s no water coming out of the gun, and then realize you’ve been starving the pump for the last 30 seconds.

If you ever lose prime on the pump, you can crank over the engine with the switch off to get it primed before starting. But that’s kind of bordering on paranoid behavior, tbh (of which I am guilty).

My machines are direct drive gravity fed. That’s why I am wondering. Currently, I turn the water supply on and start the flow and then hook the hose to water inlet before starting the machine.

I didn’t know that but it makes sense.