Check out my Website

I personally built and designed my website with word press and I hope you guys in the PWR community could take a look at it and let me know what you think.

post alink man. post alink

Better than nothing I guess. I would seriously save up for one that’s professionally built though…Important part is how the one you built is gonna rank vs. Pro built. Where will you pop up when someone goggles pressure washing in your area?

We’ve got a new one coming out soon…Always the best marketing money we’ve every spent…bar none.

I rank at the top after the ones that pay. I have had all god reviews just need more traffic.

I order to get more traffic, you have to let people know you exist and that you have a website. It’s that simple.

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Sorry about that Tim. Here is the link. I have thick skin so honest criticism is encouraged and welcome.
If you like please post to comment section on website.
Hot Springs Pressure Washing | Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Pressure Washing

There is only one thing that you need to do.

Write a check. Make it payable to Pressure Washing Resource Association Members Only! | Web Design Raleigh NC | National Award Winning Web Design

If you don’t have the money to cut the check then your course of action must be as follows;

Stop right now with any expense that is not absolutely necessary to your families survival.

Sell off everything that you own that you can replace over the next five years.

Join the PWRA, get your money back immediately with the discount shown on the link I posted.

Your life will be changed forever.


Apparently the coffee had not yet taken hold when I was making these changes to your website.

The time you spend fooling around with your website could be time spent earning money to pay a professional. I don’t mean to say that you need to use AmbServices. There are others out there that will charge triple her rate and give you half the results. Some people don’t understand how her service can be as good at it is and still be so incredibly reasonable in price. You just need to trust me on this. She is that good.

Kevin, Tim’s right. Although any website is better than none you’re in a pretty competitive market. You don’t want to be lost in the crowd, run want to be running with the pack.

You want customers to use your “Professional Services” because the results will be outstanding compared to do it yourself…Think about it.

Get a professional site built as soon as you can.

I don’t have to “sell” my services to folks who contact me through my site. When they call me or send me a “contact” form, they’ve already decided to hire me before hearing my prices.

I stay in the top 5 results on the front page and the site has paid for itself many times over.

Simply learn a little web code, HTML/CSS, + a few basics of graphic design and you can really clean that template up and make a good impression for FREE.

There are many SEO tools from which you can check errors of your website.