Cheater Wax

Has any one used vegetable oil in there rinse to help with the look of there wash and help keep road film off? It’s kind old school I believe I’m curious if it works?

You’d either have to downstream the oil in to the water or use an emulsifier to mix it in your rinse tank. The oil will simply float to the surface of the water otherwise.

Here’s what you need for what ails ya…
[COLOR=“#0000FF”]Super Spray Wax[/COLOR]


Can that spray wax be applied with cold water?
And thank you for your input.

Yes it can. You just fog the surface with the wax and flush it down with a quick rinse.

I would guess vegetable oil would be alot more expensive than the super spray wax anyway. Hey Russ, I had some of that stuff freeze on me, is it still good after thawing and shaking or should I dispose of it?

Stir it really well and it should be okay. And quit letting your chems freeze. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would not use vegetable oil because you are going to leave a film on the truck that is going to attract and hold dust and dirt to the surface. Wax is a good idea. We also have a wax that is very highly concetrated, goes a long way.

Spray Wax