Cheap trailer tires


It’s time to replace the trailer tires and I found these after a little research. I change mine once a year and at $60 for both it’s less than 1 most places.

Just FYI for those who run trailers.


Don’t be cheap grasshopper. Go with D or E range


I bought cheap tires from Amazon and the tread came off in chunks in 1 year. I went to a shop and had new “real” tires put on the same rim for $90 a piece. I’m not sure their rating but you can see the difference.


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Load range D or E are best for any load over 1200 lbs per tire


REALLY? Are you shopping a Northern Tool again too?

The tires on trailer are possibly the most important aspect on your trailer (brakes if you have them) to safely travel down the road. Spend the money, make sure your safe.


Load range D is 8 ply sidewall
Load range E is 10 ply sidewall


NT has them on sale, rim and tire buy one get one free radial or 20%off on D


I Second the E range & upgrade hubs to 6 lug & run a 16’ tire


Just blew this guy last week. One went and I replaced all 4 with D rated 8 ply.

Some good money spent in my opinion


Go with E if you can. I had one blow last year and after it ripped the aluminum fender off the side of my trailer it was much more expensive than getting better quality tires. Now I have a new fender and E rated tires…


Learn something new everyday. Had no idea trailer tires came in load ratings. I just thought if it’s a trailer tire it goes on a trailer. I’ve always spent good money on cooper discoverers for all my trucks but I assumed since I was changing the trailer tires annually why spend it.

Bought a spare at the local farm and fleet and need to check the load rating.

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i have always used my old tires for spares, if still in decent shape… and toss em when i change again and keep an extra one at the house.

All 3 trailers runs same size tire/wheel set up. Always nice to have something extra and ready. Tire and wheel are too cheap not have extra around.


I ordered two load range E trailer tires from Big O Tires. So instead of $70 for tires my new bill is $230 after they install them tomorrow morning.

Thanks guys… lol


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