Chattanooga TN Sodium Hypochlorite

Anyone know where I can buy this stuff in bulk for under $5 a gallon? Been using a pool supply company who has it by the gallon jugs at 5 a piece and can’t find anyone around here who sells it in 55 gallon drums. Brenntag and univar are around here but it’s too much to bull crap to go through.

I talked to a plating company, they told me who they get their stuff through.
It’s a small unknown company, and they do me right.
Hope this helps.
$2.64 / gallon and it’s HOTTTTT!

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WalMart here has the 10% Pool Essentials for about $3.65. They had a whole pallet near the outdoor furniture area.

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Question: have you googled “sodium hypochlorite Chattanooga”?

Olin ChlorAlkali has a distribution hub right in your city. They might not sell directly to you if you don’t have a commercial location or pool service license, but they could probably tell you who their largest customers are in your area.

I’ll try them out. Thanks guys


How much of that do you mix per gallon of water?

It is 10% SH so it depends on what job you are doing.

I’m using 12.5 right now from a pool supply store. I’m really wanting to buy it in 55 gallon barrels. Core chem in Knoxville will sell it for $3 a gallon but that’s only a 100 cost savings not including gas going up there.

In this field of work, research is kind of important. I googled chemical companies in Chattanooga. These guys will have your sh, degreasers, surfactants (just buy elemonator tho), sealers, percarb, oxalic etc.

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Menards has 12.5% $3.99/Gal


Am I the only one that thinks it’s a little ridiculous for someone doing this professionally, in a metro area like Chattanooga, to be buying their bleach by the gallon at retail stores?


Well, kind of. The term “professional” is used very loosely in this trade I have found. One of our local “professionals” with a well known (not respected) name completely trashed Garth Brooks driveway last year. I spent 2 days fixing it, or atleast making it better. I get calls from homeowners throughout the year asking if the lines left on their concrete by [insert Nashville, Murfreesboro company] “professional” are normal. And I fix it. These companies buy sh by the barrel or more. Technically a professional is one who makes money doing something. Most of us had humble beginnings. Some so called pros have bigger issues than the package the sh comes in.

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Very true. I guess what surprised me, is the amount of people recommending retail suppliers of SH.

I’m all for humble beginnings. I was buying 4 gallon cases as recently as last month. But, I’m in a rural area and had to jump through some hoops to finally get a bulk supplier. Buying cases of bleach at menards, HD, or Walmart just isn’t the sort of thing I would recommend to someone who has much better options available to them.

Yeah true. Most of them I dont think are full timers tho. But who knows…

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I agree completely! The problem for many of us in rural areas there are no suppliers close enough to buy in bulk and in my particular case I’m new at this so I can’t justify buying bulk and letting it weaken while it sits there. So I just buy at Menards or where I can get it locally.

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I’m going to check them out right now. I literally have searched for everything and believe it or not, I have not seen pro chemicals and with it being family owned and operated maybe they can supply me 55 gallons at a time. Thanks

Yes, if you’re only washing a few houses a week that makes sense for you. We all did that when we started.

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Where are you?