Charlotte Union thingy

If any one is going to be in charlotte this week for the Union shindig I have 750 feet of single wire hose that has been used about 2 days that you can have if you come to Fuquay Varina. Three 250 sections.

Union shindig? Which union?


Oh, ok. Thank you! Wish I was closer by, I’d come and get that!

Where is that

I would come get it

Fuquay is 3 hours east of Charlotte

Did anyone take you up on this yet?

Guy Blackmon is supposed to stop by tomorrow but knowing him he will want me to bring it to him so we can fish.

LOL…Let me know if he ends up not getting it. If you take it to him, I hope the fishing is good!!

I can drive there tomorrow and get it

Already left a key or for Guy to pick it up.