Charging the Marine battery!?

How to you charge your roof battery? can you connect it to the vehicle battery between trips?

A deep cycle battery needs to be trickle charged at 2 amps with your battery charger.

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I found a battery charger at auto zone that has a gel cell setting it works good

Autozone recharges batteries for free.

I just cost a fortune to drive there 4 or 5 times a week

I have been looking to do a solar panel.

They will only do a fast charge for a starting battery here, not an overnight trickle charge for a marine battery.

Get a gas engine for your roof pump and you never have to worry about your battery dying;)

Read my article in this month’s eClean Magazine about roof cleaning pumps and see the pros and cons of each!

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I got my battery and charger from Wally world. I’ve only used my rig a few times but it’s not a hassle to unscrew the battery, hook it up to the charger for the night. I ran my pump all day the other day with no sign of running out of juice. I don’t know why you would have to charge between jobs, unless you are using a battery that is half charged.

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I use battery tender, they are nice. Plus they come with alligator clips or a quick connect that attaches to the battery with ring terminals .

You can also hardwire it into your truck, but solar panel is the way to go… Unless you wanna just go the right way and buy and air setup and never worry about it again… Totally worth it!