Changing the pump on a belt driven unit

I have a 2.8 gpm 5.5 horse 2000 psi, mi-t-m(brand) belt driven unit that I bought this summer for like $400. Because its belt driven, I can upgrade the pump, correct? Is this a “hard” or expensive process? I bought the unit cause it was cheap and had a Honda engine. I appreciate the help guys.

First, upgrade the engine, then upgrade the pump.

Or maybe it would be better to keep it as a backup.

It’s probably best if you don’t put a lot of money into this unit.


So, just for conversation sake, what would It cost just to get this up to say 4 gpm? Or is that sill pointless? I am shopping now for my hot water skid. Almost set on an 8gpm 3-3500 psi unit. The small unit I have would just be a back up, I just figured if it would only cost me a few hundred bucks, it would be great to have that as a back up or for smaller jobs at 4gpm as opposed to just 2.8. Even just as something for driveways or house washes or whatever

Stop. Use it for what it is. Then throw it away and get a bigger one. If you want to screw around changing a pump, do not fool with anything less than 13/11 hp Honda engine.

psi and the gpm are tied together. To get more gpm you will lose psi. You are not starting with much to begin with. You could hook to smaller machines together to get more gpm’s. Right now I have a 5 gpm hooked up with a 4 gpm giving me 9 gpms at around 3k psi.

I appreciate it guys. Thanks.

Did I atleast get a good deal at $400?

Yes, it will last a lifetime. And every time you use it you will build appreciation for a real pressure washer. :smiley: