Change to PWRA Downloads Procedure

[COLOR=#333333][INDENT]Starting the other day we made a change in our store to the way members download materials. Basically in the past after you added what you wanted to your cart / checked out and then got a download link.

We have changed it slightly and now will be approving all downloads manually. We have picked a set time twice a day to review and approve all downloads. If you need something in a hurry just get in touch with us and we will fast track it for you. We can always be reached by live chat / phone / email / text whatever.

Why the change?

A couple clever folks found a way to crack or bypass our security system and have stolen materials from the store. [B]Its not a security flaw or anything like that, it was just a tiny loophole we didn’t anticipate.

Im sorry for any inconvenience this causes members and as I said if the download cant wait the 24 hrs or business day. Just let us know and we will fast track it for you.

If its a weekend or evening you can even text Chris directly at 845-987-6915 and he will make sure it gets processed.

Thanks for understanding![/B][/INDENT]