Cemetery Gravestone project

I’m looking to bid a rural cemetery, pretty small (less than 500 headstones). Has anybody done this before? I’d like help estimating my time to clean. I was thinking one to two minutes per. I run a 6.5gpm machine. Hot capable. Haven’t been out there yet so I’m not sure how many are polished marble and how many are other types of stone. He did say some have lichen but many are “pretty clean”.

Do a test clean as a demo. Then submit your quote for what will make you profitable / happy

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors

Not sure how things stand over there in the States but if the cleaning of the head stones, is considered to be “conservation cleaning”, then forget the pressure cleaner.
Best practice for conservation cleaning of grave stones is with mild soapy water and a soft brush.

Do not use a pressure over 100psi and no chemicals and no steel brush

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