Cedar shake style metal roof cleaning conundrum

I’m looking for suggestions for cleaning this style metal roof. I’m not looking for mix ratios or processes. It’s a particular style metal roof with cedar shake style pressed. As you can see in the pictures some of this roof has recessed sections that are 1/2” deep by 1/2 wide. The picture shown is a sample that I was given of new material. The other picture is a new install. The roofs that I will be cleaning will have algae on and in these crevices. Several years of buildup.

Besides the obvious of applying the mix from multiple angles, any other suggestions for applying the chem into these crevices and rinsing the algae away?

I was thinking of modifying a water broom and tipping it way down so it could be rolled up and down the roof for a thorough rinse. Crevices included.

I’ve cleaned many metal roofs but never faced this particular challenge.

@florida_condo_cleani do you have any tricks for cleaning those cedar style aluminum roofs that you mentioned to me the other day? Are the crevices as deep?

1 percent is all you need. Just clean it like a barrel tile spray from both sides .


Easy enough. Figured I was over thinking it. Those grooves had me concerned. Thanks bud

Btw don’t walk on the roof. It will crush like a soda can if you don’t know we’re to step . And sometimes even when you do


Roger that. That’s what I’ve been told. I went to look at the first roof in person today and it looks like some have already been stepped on. Made the roofing company aware and will take several pictures. It’s hard to believe that this light fragile material is so durable. Supposedly outlasts shingle yet it can’t be walked on safely. Thanks for the forewarnings

Weird looking, looks like the gutter ppl started making shingles.


Haha it feels like the soda can people started making them.


@Harold I did a shop that had same style material I used a 3.1 sh apply with 12v and some slo mo had to go over it a couple of times since but the coating was coming off prior to me starting and the owner wanted to keep as much on it as possible

Do you know what it was coated with? Particularly? Manufacturing details or was it just aluminum coated with paint? I’m learning the coatings quality varies from each manufacturer.

Your gonna have to find out who made it then and ask them I’m assuming

Aluminum. The one I did was originally a baked on red color that they had painted white at some time.

I’m in touch with the manufacturer on this one and know exactly what it’s coated with. Every other metal roof I haven’t one clue nor does most customers. I was asking Anthony if he knew the coating in his picture.

I was given some new material for testing and it stood up to straight sh at 20 minutes until it dried. To see right off. The real test will be on a 10yr old roof and ofc I will not be using a strong mix but overall this stuff seems extremely durable compared to other metal roofs I’ve dealt with some color bleeding even at weak concentrations.


There was never a doubt in my mind that you did. I figured those pieces you had were test pieces. I was curious to what the manufacturer said.

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I got some data sheets that showed chemical compatibility charts. 5% SH up to like 200deg for the coating. The manufacturer recommends use of detergent/sh/tsp sh. 3 parts water to 1 sh. I imagine they’re referencing store bought Clorox 5-6% ish. So that should mean there suggesting to use around 1.5-2%. Nothing really special. I’m not using tsp or tide powder as they suggest lol. I planning on starting with regular housewash downstreamed with the machine throttled down. If that doesn’t work I’ll use the 12v with metering. I have a feeling housewash will straight sh ds’d is going to work. I’ll spray some agent halt on the way out just because. Probably not necessary but it’ll probably cost less then $1 and take 10 minutes.


Kynar 500 is the coating.


That’s actually a really good roof coating, one of the best actually.

After some testing and reading into it all I’d have to agree. Expensive stuff

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When are you doing this job ? Can we have @SchertzServicesLLC UPS his drone down south to you so we can be in the front row for the show? This is gonna be a tricky one I’m assuming. That material actually reminds me of the old style awnings up north in the 70’s

Not sure yet. Working with the company that installs and repairs them. There’s supposed to be quite a few. I’ll get some footage. I’ve been playing with my drone a bit. The only problem is that the battery only gives me 20 minutes of flight time. Not enough time for a good time lapse.

And another that I used in a presentation