Cedar Shake Roof

Hi guys we have a large home to clean in a couple days. It has cedar painted siding with mold on it and we also need to do the cedar roof - moss, mold, mildew.

The siding should be a straight forward downstream of SH and a rinse but how would we best handle the roof? Would we spray it and leave it with a roof mix of SH similiar to what would be used on shingles? Does it have to be rinsed? This will cause a lot of run off that we would have to deal with to ensure no plants were damaged. Or would you go about the job with a different product?


cedar shake roofing is a beast… We use DSR 50- spray on dwell 10 then low rpessure rinse off… **** is slippery as hell so make sure you have harnesses - fall protection, we also use corkers… after your done washing everything off, then follow up with an acid wash. wood will look like new.

You can use any process you wish or think will work best for you. My advice is to rinse and rinse well. We never get on a cedar roof do everything from a ladder so we don’t have the issue of slippery roof. We clean anywhere from 100 to 150 cedar roofs a season and have our own cleaning solution. But if you are using SH you will need more for shakes than shingles mix.

One of the main components to cleaning cedar roofs is proper rinsing.

Good luck.

Best way to clean a shake roof is with air, not water.

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For those that are soft washing cedar roofs, what are you using? Sodium percarbonate? Strong oxygenated bleach? Some other strong non chlorinated oxidizer? Vinegar? I am very curious… I was able to secure a square of old cedar shake shingles and am going to be doing so chemistry experiments with a bunch of different cleaners. Sodium hydroxide and low pressure do an amazing job, but I have to believe there is an easier way without destroying the shingle…

You may laugh but we are in Seattle where there are thousands upon thousands of cedar roofs. We have done MANY cedar shake roofs and yes air is the best method. We get referrals from almost all the major roofing companies in the area. The CSSB will attest to this method as well. :slight_smile:

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Did this cedar roof earlier I’m the season and used M-1 deck and roof cleaner