Cedar Shake questions

Working on a quote for a large home that has cedar shakes. In several areas there is considable mold that the owner would like removed without restoring or cleaning all the shakes. Also a lot of the gutters, soffits, and facia is green and needs to be cleaned. Will that be possible without staning the cedar shakes of it splashes on them. My normal mix is SH/Water 50/50. and eleminator at the recommended ratio. Any comment would be welcomed. See pic.

Thanks in advance!

Ya you can clean the dirty spots but there’s definitely going to look different than the rest of the roof that you didn’t clean. Also ceder generally requires a different cleaning procedure than most resources. Its not my thing or id be more specific. The search bar will take you far my friend. Good luck.

You’re gonna have to clean it all for the best results. I’ve gathered a few things but never done one myself. You can use sh and post treat with ox acid or clean with percarb and post with ox acid.

Need a lot more info to give you a good answer. Are you just doing the siding like your pic or are you doing a roof also? What type of equipment do you have? Is there a sealer or stain on the shingles now? If so, approx how old. More pics would be good. And most important question is does the homeowner have the budget to do this before you waste any time on it? Cleaning a cedar shingle house is a whole lot of difference than vinyl siding.

Are you sure those are cedar? They don’t look like. Look more like pine. Either way cleaning them will not be a problem but yes where they have been cleaned with look different than the rest of the roof. I wouldn’t take the job without cleaning the entire roof. I think the homeowner will be unhappy and blame you no matter how many warnings you give them.