Cedar shake mansard

bidding a large townhome association with 10’ mansards basically the entire 2nd story, unit has a flat roof, I have only done and priced out cedar shake roofs before - never done any siding…do you guys charge the same for siding as you do for roofs? I upped mine a bit only becuase it’s gonna be a pain cause i’m either gonna have to scaffold or place stages on ladders… lots of setup work… cant get a lift in due to a ton of landscape and trees.

planning on just spraying with SH, low pressure rinse clean, and applying a neutralizer… no stain or sealer wanted…

total SF 14,280 was planning on being around 0.65 cents per square foot… sound reasonable?

I only did 1 Cedar roof and I fell 3x on it. Almost went down on the last fall---- We do a ton of Cedar sided houses every year though. We just did a strip/stain this past week for a Cedar sided house.

I’ll give ya a tip for Cedar. Forget the bleach. Wet it down first then spray a Hydroxide on it( we use Hd-80). We use x-jets for this. The wood will turn black because the hydroxide throws the PH of the wood off which it makes it easy as Pie to clean it. The drawback for you is Hydroxide turns the wood into a skating rink so be careful. Make sure your harnessed in. When your done with that, spray a neutralizer on it to restore the PH of the wood. We use an Oxalic acid for this which is harsh but works great. You could use a Citralic spray for this which is much easier on the lungs. Just spraying the neutralizer is like magic. The wood brightens right in front of you within seconds(most fascinating thing I ever seen in this business)

As for your price-- it’s hard to say-- but price Cedar roofs hi because of the danger factor. Cedar comes out great using the method above which I learned from these bulletin boards many years ago.

Good luck;)


it’s more like cedar siding than roof…more worried about being to high than being to low…It’s a pretty big property management company I do plowing for, they have a ton of properties for power washing work, so getting this job could open the door for a lot more… not to worried about making a ton of money off of it, in my mind my price covers me plus a little… just want to see where everyone else would be at - like I said don’t wanna be to rediculously high… I charged what I normally get for doing roofs - like i said although this is siding, it’s alllllll ladder work… I have stages and scaffold but cant get a lift in so it’s gonna be a lot of up and down…

in regards to the hydroxide, do you still have to get close to rinse it and everything else off? I have had pretty good luck with the SH a 45 degree at low pressure and oxalic afterwards… does the hydroxide make it any easier to come off? I tried Disodium Peroxydcarbonate before and was not impressed at all…

That roof is like doing a cedar sided house. Shouldn’t be a problem at all. I like hydroxide much more on cedar then bleach. It’s easier to work with. I’m on my I-pad so I can’t post pics. If I remember I’ll try to post some pics of a house we did this week. The Cedar comes out like looking new with a hydroxide bath.

The thing with Cedar is you will have to do ladder work. We have besides the basic ladders, 12’ high step ladders which work great for Cedar sided houses. There’s a reason why Cedar sided houses pay so well compared to Vinyl-- cause there hard work but man do they come out nice.

Vinyl is nothing but imitation wood. The money is always in the wood if you don’t mind using elbow grease.

Thanks john, If I end up getting the job I will have to order me some hydroxide.

Hd- 80 is what we use. I think Bob from www.ptstate sells something similar. Try to get a small amount of it and do a test sample. You won’t be disappointed.

@northernsvc_s What did you end up charging for this job? If you remember this far back :grin:

I’m currently in the works of bidding two apartment buildings that have the cedar siding like this around the top.

Thanks for any info!