Cedar roof cleaning

Hi ,
We have currently also received a call for a 16,000 sq. ft condo with a cedar roof that needs to be cleaned. The roof is 13 years old. There is some moss build up and algae. Pitch of roof 6’ 12 aprox. 3 stories . Six big dormers in total . 18 units in total with deck areas and grounds ato be cleaned off with spill from cleaning. Does anyone have any suggestions on cedar roof cleaning / pricing . Only done a few homes…

Thank you.

I only did one Cedar roof here(there not common here) and I fell on the roof 3x from slipping. The last slip I almost went off and down 2 stories. Young dumb and Stupid. The thing I would recommend is that you use a lift when dealing with Cedar roof cleaning. Hydroxide on wood is like turning the wood into a skating rink because of how slippery it can get. Safety first.

Pricing I really can’t help you there except to say charge much higher then what you would to do a Cedar sided house.

Good luck.

For walking on wood/metal roofs buy this: Industrial Roofing Overshoe | TuffTrax 3-in-1 | Korkers

and these: Work Products | Korkers

and I know that a standard 3000sq’ home for cedar roof cleaning and stain/treatment goes for $1,500+.

They use large volume units (12gpm) and often follow with a an application of sodium silicate - be sure to wet the glass with water first - that silicate can f- it up.