Cedar peak job we just completed

technically this wasnt a pressure washing job as we used a garden hose to rinse everything…

cleaned with disodium peroxydcarbonate, rinsed off and scrubbed with a brush, then used oxalic and rinsed, then sealed with a clear sealer.

Excellent!! When you do a job like that you can feel the pride. That natural earth tone color is what my customers like the best. What type of stain/sealer did you put on the shakes? Was it an oil or water based stain? Beautiful work;)

honestly… we just used a behr clear coat acryllic stain… i know it’s not the best. i know the oil based ones are better but im having a hard time locating any suppliers around me becuase of all the VOC stuff…

Watch out for Behr stains. I know years ago they were caught up in a class action lawsuit where there transparent stains turned a dark black in no-time. Do not remember if it was an oil based Behr stain that was the base of the lawsuit.

Behr is some of the worst product on the market. Nearly impossible to maintain if it fails you are in for a huge mess stripping it off. Order your oil based stains online and they will ship it right to your door if you can’t find a local seller

what products / suppliers would you recommend?

Armstrong Clark Stains

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