Cedar Hardie Board Siding?

I have always turned down cleaning wood siding as its not very common in my area but I want to add a new weapon to my arsenal. Looks like cadar hardie board to me. Anyone think its something else? Customer said it has been stained. They just want it washed no restain after. They told me they have pressure washed the lower section and I explained my process will be different it will be chemical oriented. My plan was to use HW mix (1% SH + Surfactant), rinse, then apply OA to brighten. Do I need to use ladder and evenly pressure wash wood with low pressure or can I rinse from ground? I’ve seen alot of recommendations for precarb and other chems but this is when referring to prepping for stain after. Should I be concerned with furring or is this mainly with cedar shake and not hardie board? I attached a picture of the home.

Hardie board siding isn’t wood. It looks like you’re dealing with cedar boards.

Is there any algae growth? If there isn’t any and, the stain is in good shape, you might get by using a little surfactant. If the stain is worn away you’ll probably have to pressure wash the whole thing to remove the dead fibers of wood. We need a little more info to be able to help.


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