Cat Pump Model 3GXT27, on a Ridgid unit

Hello everyone,
First of all I would like to thank anyone who takes the time out of their day to read this post, and to anyone who may contribute to it. Thank you.

I come here asking if anyone has had any experience with this Cat pump, and if so, could possibly give their thoughts on it. I have searched this model name here on the forums but had no luck finding any post with said pump. I have searched google for information, but seem to only come up with parts, or just sites telling me that they no longer make it. I have intentions of washing my parents cottage using the down streaming method (that I have recently learned about because of these forums), and from what I see, that may be possible without a downstream injector because it looks like it has one built in? I am not entirely sure about this, but then again, I do not know what I am looking at. I plan on going to a fairly local distributor near me to see what they say and see if they can help me out with getting the right accessories and chemicals sometime in the near future. I do not want to ruin anything using improper chemicals or washing techniques.

Once again thank you for reading this. If you have any experience using this pump I am very interested in seeing what you have to say about it. I believe it will get the job done considering on what I plan on using it for.

I should start by saying I didn’t even know Ridgid made pressure washers, but the fact that they put a cat pump on it is a good thing. Is it a Honda engine?

Second, based on this picture I can’t see an injector on it. Can you send a pic of the outlet where the pressure hose attaches?

If it doesn’t have a little brass barb on it it may not have an injector. Then again, I haven’t seen a pressure washer without one. If it doesn’t have one, here’s one for under $30.

Also, all you need is plain old bleach. 8.25%, a 5 gallon bucket to pour a couple (maybe even 3 or 4) into it. A healthy squirt of Palmolive dish soap and a stir. I don’t mix any sodium hypochlorite under 10%, but my injector draws at 15:1 so I don’t really need to in my opinion. Others here dilute their bleach. Use the search icon in the upper right hand corner and search siding wash mix or siding mix. You’re going to get a ton of threads to read through.

Before telling you that though, I guess I should ask what your parent’s cottage is sided with (i.e. vinyl, cedar, brick) and if it’s painted what color is it?


You have an injector.

You have a bare bones 3gpm pump.

Thank you for the reply Squidskc,
Yes from what I read cat pump is a well brand, but these specs on it are fairly weak, and less than ideal for bigger projects. I have uploaded the only other photo I have of it and it appears to be on a Subaru engine? From what I’ve read, injectors draw somewhere between 15:1 and 20:1. It seems like it would take some time doing small little areas to figure out an effective mix. The house is sided with vinyl,has a spot on the outside going up the whole thing in ugly grey brick for the fireplace, and has a wooden deck on the back, and a painted deck on the front. Hopefully I can make it out to the distributor today and I can get the hose and other accessories needed to attach to the injector. I wanted to get it all cleaned before the holiday weekend. Thanks again for the reply, squid.

No problem. Wet the decks down first with the garden hose. If not the bleach may leaves spots. Good luck!

My dad had the same machine years ago. Once it goes it’s costs almost as much to repair it as to buy another. They don’t make them anymore but you can still but accessories online for them.

I made it out to the distributor shop yesterday and got hooked up with all the things I needed to get going. I hooked this hose up to the down stream adapter with this black filter on the other end and fired up the unit. The components in the filter blew out of the bottom. I have no idea how they go back together, but I’m assuming the spring and the oring have something to do with how it creates a the ability to suck up the house mix. I believe I am SOL for this weekend lol

Throw the filter in the trash. You don’t need it. If injector is allowing water to back flow you have a stuck spring inside the barb or something going on

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Yes that makes sense. I had intentions of buying a whole new injector kit when I went to the store. The guy told me that this cat pump on this machine is pretty much a super cheap version, or something along those lines, and swapping parts is not an option because it all one piece. I’m tempted to just buy a good machine from them and be done with it for awhile.

I know this is an older thread, but thought this may also benefit others in the future.
This is the same as our model 3DNX25GSI.
Greenway, are you still having issues?

I know this is an older reply to your response, but I can say that I am no longer having issues. I took the injector apart and noticed that the little BB inside there was lodged further than it needed to be.I un-lodged the BB from the spring and has been good ever sense.