Carwash interior walls cleaning

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We have (6) interior car washes that we maintain for many years now. Wondering if anybody has any experience with a good product that will remove the grime and soot from the interior walls? We are using an acid now, but the results do not make me that happy. They are cleaning it well but I would like it to be better.

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I’d reach out to omega chemicals. Magnum K is a pretty awesome product. He might have a better solution as well.

Hydrofluoric based cleaner a must & hot water 180 + are you cleaning pit as well ?

Tile walls ? Panels ? HF degrades tile over time removes glaze. Butyl based first, then HF based for us. Pits are nasty hard to take any more.


Are the panels metal?

No, white plastic sheets.

I did a test spot on a self service car wash with subway tile and white panels. I wanted to bid on it and was trying to see what it would take to clean it. I tried several products but nothing worked. I talked with the guy that was refilling the soaps and wax at the car wash, and he gave me the name of a product that worked. It was called Klean-Wall. I applied it with a pump sprayer at 4:1 and rinsed it before it dried using cold water. I purchased it at Premier Car Wash Systems in Macon,Ga.


Sweet, the results look great. Thank you

Kleen wall is sulfuric & phosphoric acid blend w/#2 surfactant package if memory serves. Plastic fiberglass panels lose their luster after repeated 20+ times acid cleanings. Care needs to be taken to eliminate acid going into pit or reclaim loop, it will damage vehicle paint if water is reused.


Pic of the label


I’m trying to give a bid for this exact service with the same product. Do you remember how long this took you per bay?

1 1/2 hours maybe 2 per bay I think. I was able to clean all the bays in a day.

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