Cars running over my hose

I have a restaurant to clean this place is open all the time… one side has a water spicket,
Good size front to clean… cars will be running over my pressure wash hose for a couple or hours…

does that do anything bad cutting off and on my water to my pump/ surface cleaner???

If the water hose is feeding your tank you wii be fine


They sell those speed bumps that cover hoses for this purpose. I forget what they’re called. You could go pick some of those up, if needed.


Those hose bridges are pretty dang expensive if you’re only going to use them occasionally. A lot more than a $50 throwaway contractor hose from Home Depot.

@Fatdaddy I carry orange traffic cones and it’s worked so far to direct traffic but I only break them out if my pressure hoses are running across a traffic lane. They’re $12-20 depending on how big you want them. Check your local road dept too. I’d imagine they have a pile of old ones somewhere.


You will be fine.

Just make sure there are no connections in the area where cars will be driving over it.

Hose = Fine
Connections = Nope

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The only “damage” I’ve had was a garbage truck driving over a pressure hose and flattening it a little bit :confused:
Cars, no biggie.
I like the cone idea, i use em around the rig at jobs

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I use them around the truck and trailer too, but only so people slow down and read our signage. Lol

We pull hoses and always work from the curb.


Personally I would buy a super cheap 25’ hose and put it inline with my good hose and lay the cheap stuff out for the cars to run over, avoiding the fittings as KMP said.

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cars will be going over my pressure washing hose…
water hook is on the drive through side of building

I work in a steel mill im looking for a 20’ piece of channel to lay down…
man has 3 places he wants done all open at 7 to 9pm…
I could get my butt up at 5:30am an do them.
All this started I did his house and he liked what i did and sprung this on me to do…
thanks for all the ideals

My pressure hose gets ran over constantly at apartment complexes. You want have any damage to the surface cleaner or the pump but it isn’t great for the hose. I thought you were originally referring to your garden hose. Sorry. I still easily get six months or more out of the hose and don’t have any blow outs in the middle where they get ran over. Usually toward the end closest to the gun, and then it’s in the sacrificial whip line. You should be ok.

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Get some cones and plastic yellow chain to direct traffic. I was washing the underside of a canopy with SH and truck pulled under the canopy and got SH all over his ride. I had both entrances blocked with cones, his truck sat high, so he thought it would be ok to drive over them… He stuck his head out of the window and asked if the business I was washing was open… I looked at the building and all the lights were off… I turned back and looked at him and said no, they’ve been Closed for 3 hours, as per the hours of operation on the door and their website. He said is that bleach dripping on my truck… I said yes. Then he asked me to rinse it off, I declined and told him there was a reason the cones were blocking the entrances to this building. He was pissed, I was pissed… oh yea, he parked on top of my pressure hose like a prick. Cones and plastic chain will detour most people , but you will always have that one idiot that will test the limits. I wanted to out the red tip on and give his cookie cutter a nice wash ha


We do commercial work at night, after they close, can you do that there? maybe split the work up into two nights if it’s a long job, say from 9:30 to 11:30? (since you work in the morning)

you cant direct traffic, its a drive through 30’ wide cars go one way out…

Temporarily wrap that 30’ section with some duct tape or even better slide a larger hose over it and that would help with the abuse the hose is going to take from getting run over.

Make your own "hose bridge with some wood. Paint it bright, & have it cut down so you can move/ store it easily.


This is what came to my mind. Wood is cheap and easily replaced. 2X3’s with a few pieces of strap on the bottom to keep things together should protect the hose.

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