Carburetor on a GX690


I can’t but I my son might. Give me a minute.

It cranks if I’m spraying starting fluid. If I pull the fuel hose off the carb and hold it in the carb bowl I can see the fuel pumping into the bowl and it will run. When I put the fuel hose on the carb I don’t see the fuel going into the bowl. I do get heavy smoke and small oil droplets coming out of the muffler.


Ok. Thanks to my 14 year old. Lol.


I’m not sure what you mean here. I think you’re saying the fuel pump works because you can see fuel coming out when you disconnect the fuel line from the carb.

Is the oil level where it needs to be or is it high?


Did the new carb come with a fuel solenoid on the bottom of the bowl?


Correct and yes the oil level is good


Yes and it works.


I’m so upset over this. I’ve got 8 jobs I’m waiting to do. Ugh


When you were filming the video were you having to spray starting fluid to keep it running as long as it did? When the mechanic said you needed a new carb did have the engine in his possession at the time? If so, could he have changed the oil?


No. It was slowing up and starting back on its own. No. He said he came by the house but I doubt he ever came by. He doesn’t have a shop. He goes to the customer


From very little info we have I’d start at the basics.

Check your oil, does it smell like/look like gas?
I had this similar problem before. Carb keeps on dumping fuel and the fuel seeps into the crankcase. In my case fuel/oil was seeping back through the breather tube.

Change your oil and change your gas. Start there


I had the same issue with a Briggs once. The fuel solenoid was bad. The crankcase fills with gas when the engine is not running.

While you’re doing what Airborne mentioned go ahead and give your air filter a quick look for signs of oil too.


@BlueLineWash. You get anywhere today with the honda


I talked to the guy that works on boat motors. He told me right off the bat that he thinks its the fuel pump. I will try any find one tomorrow morning so i can go wash


With the way it was surging it definitely sounded fuel related. I hope you come back tomorrow with great news!


Me too. I’ll let y’all know asap


Maybe you could rent a pw while yours is down that way your customers don’t have to wait hope all works out


It was the fuel pump. The machine it running like a champ now. A lot of stress off my shoulders now. Time to play catch up tomorrow after this rain moves out.

Per the mechanics at Northern Tool, which were extremely helpful, said that the issue I was having, it had to be the carb, fuel pump or pistons.


That’s great news!

To be honest, when you said you installed a new carb and, that fuel was flowing when you pulled the fuel hose off the carb, I was a little worried. Assuming the fuel pump and the carb were okay things start getting a little more serious from there. I was leaning towards a broke piston ring or valve issue because of the oil out of the exhaust. The engine will still run on one cylinder if one of the coils is bad but will run rough so that was the next step in testing. Luckily you didn’t have to go further.

Glad to hear it was the best case scenario and you are back to work. How many extra fuel pumps are you going to start carrying on your truck?!!


Lol. At least one for sure. I was unaware that the fuel should be shooting out and not just dribbling out.


An update. I finally got my machine working and it sounded fine but I’m not getting the psi that I had last year. I may be pulling 1500 - 2000 psi. I had the engine checked again and the mechanic said there is nothing wrong with the machine.

I was already in the process of outfitting about her trailer. I went ahead and bought a brand new GX690 8 gpm machine from L&H in Savannah. Hooked it up and ran it for the first time today and I have the exact same problem with this machine.

I’m lost for words now. I tried new hoses, new gas hoses, new water lines. Don’t know what to do.

Any ideas?