Car Washing Machine

Still trying to find the perfect machine for a mobile car wash business. What I really need is 2-3 gpm and 1200ish psi. My problems are as follows:

  1. Electric pressure washers do not like to pull from a tank
  2. The kranzle electric will pull from a tank but requires a massive inverter generator to safely power it.
  3. I could hook up an rv pump to a cheap electric pressure washer, but I still have the generator problem, and I don’t want to run to home depot every week to buy a new machine.
  4. I could easily get the ideal flow and pressure with a very small gx160 belt drive pressure washer, but I am concerned with noise.
  5. I have a 12v softwash 6gpm pump, which gives me great flow, but leaves some to be desired in terms of pressure.

Any thoughts/help is greatly appreciated.

Noise/Power gotta choose. Get the 160 reduce the pressure with tips

Is water sourcing going to be an issue or can you haul around a big water tote?

@Firefighter4hire yeah, I’m leaning towards that too.

@dcbrock no i’ll be fine hauling water, have a ford ranger with a big heart. I need to bring pure water.

You dont need to bring pure water. I seen a post on here with a really good video on these filters for washing cars. I just cant remember the name. I think @Infinity posted the link or video.

As @Firefighter4hire said reduce psi via nozzles. That’s exactly how it’s suppose to be done and how all of us do it.

I also agree with @Grizz . If you’re gonna go through a lot of pure water just filter your own. The filters will pay for themselves in no time.

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@Grizz might be refering to cr spotless? I thinks its more like an auto version in making pure water. I have a zero pure from window cleaning days. Thing’s fantastic for making pure water.