Capturing Customer Reviews

What programs are you all currently using to capture customer reviews? We are using one through The Customer Factor. It sends out an email after our job and gives them options on where they’d like to leave reviews. It seems like a lot of people will click to leave a review and then never do. Also do customers need a gmail account to leave a Google review?

For google reviews, Yes they need a gmail account

I just ask them when we do a good job.

I use Customer Factor too. They click the thumbs up and it takes them to the Google page to leave a review. I beleive the ones who don’t leave a review eithet get annoyed or don’t have a Google account. I leave an option for Facebook reviews too. That way they can still leave a review even if they don’t have a Google account.

I always tell a customer that they can get 10$ off if they leave an honest review. We do a walk around together and as we are wrapping up they quickly go write one. You’d be surprised how motivated they are at that opportunity to save $10. Pretty funny when it’s on a 2-3 thousand dollar job too.


Steve of TCF should reconsider the implementation of this feature.

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@Infinity you think they should get rid of the link taking you to Google, Facebook… in Customer Factor. I personally love it.

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No. Nothing wrong with the link. But in order for it to not be considered review gating, it has to send them to leave a google review regardless of whether they hit thumbs up or thumbs down.

The best way I’ve found is to personally ask them and text them your links. I had a lot better luck with that than I ever did Nicejob, Broadly, and now Markate. I haven’t gotten a single review using the Markate system.

Broadly was $2400 a year. Not impressed in the least.


I would bet that a personal phone call would be the best. People have a hard time saying no to someone who is asking them for a favor. It’s easy to disregard an email.

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That’s exactly what my text says. It’s huge.


What do you think of markate so far brodie

Same as HousecallPro. Just wayyyyy cheaper


I’ve been wanting to upgrade from Joist. It worked great to begin with and I loved that it was free but it’s lacking a lot of the features I want. Like review requests.

I need to look into Markate.

I think review won’t be good


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