Can't take it anymore. Need to get a small soft wash set up

I’m using a backpack spray to clean roofs. Takes forever obviously. I plan to get about a 25gallon tank on amazon maybe upgrade to the 5gpm pump but want a 200ft reel i can manually wind. ideas, products, etc. thanks

Northern Tool 5gpm, water proof switch from Lowe’s, battery box, deep cycle battery 12v, 200’ red kuritek, and honestly have never used it. I still haven’t purchased a battery. I plan on using a batch tank and drop stick for my set up.

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what kinda tank


texas don’t waste your time with me then

I have a 55 gal plastic drum I take if I need it.

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Don’t mess with Texas!!! I love this place.

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@bleachblaster Texas has a point, and obviously as I stated before, use the search bar. There are wayyy to many great threads on here that say which reels are best, which 12 pumps to use, even how to wire one. Texas is trying to help you by telling that there are multiple threads that you have access to that answer your question in well thought out replies.

You can either ask a question and wait for someone to spoon feed you an answer, then get no more answers because you are being rude to a respected person here, or , you can type in the search bar “reel” and have your answer in seconds and not waste peoples time.




More like this.

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You don’t want a tank with a bottom drain for any of the chemicals we use. They’ll eventually fail.

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true I understand haven’t found another options yet

@bleachblaster I did a quick search on Google. Chemical storage 50 gallon and came up with many options and some cheaper than what you’d posted (before shipping). There’s several links you’ll find in search here while reading others recommendations also

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I bought a 35 gallon leg tank at Tractor Supply for $120

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Wow! Not only should you show “Texas” a little more respect, but you should also buy his book, just saying

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Haha appreciate the support. But it’s all good. Some people want to learn and push themselves. There are some legends here. When people ask how I learned so much so fast, I say “PWRA Forum”.


I am learning tons of stuff from you guys. And I appreciate y’all sharing your knowledge.

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