Can't find an insurer

I’ve been a window cleaner for 22 years, and while insurance companies usually lump us into the ‘janitorial’ umbrella, getting insurance has never been a problem. Pressure washing on the other hand…they flat said ‘no appetite’.

I tried Joseph Walters, unfortunately I’m already insured with Liberty and they can’t help me.


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Shop around for a different local agent. Sounds like JDW is giving you a line. You should be able to find someone who can insure you for everything you do.

I have liberty mutual through a local agent. Covers window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, and snow removal. And no CCC exclusion.

I just got told that liberty doesn’t do PW insurance either. Posted the email screenshot in another thread about it.

Nationwide is who I have at present and totally happy with it.

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I just called progressive and they couldn’t write it but put me in touch with another company. I believe they are called Star

I got the message from several agents/sources they don’t insure new pressure washers. Maybe I need to buy a 12v and find a different classification. Not sure what that would be? :fearful:

Try Frank Crum Insurance. They saved me several hundred dollars. If you google and call them they will give you the name of several local agents in your area. They covered me for PW and fence staining. My previous company wanted to raise my rates when i added PW by over 1000k per year. I’m now under 1k for a 1M GL policy under two categories.

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Try getting insured as a painter that pressure washes. I’m not entirely sure that it’s ideal, but the agent that I spoke to while getting my policy told me that if I ever decide to get into painting that I’m already covered. I said I hate painting but it’s good to know.


Try a broker maybe? Mine had no issues at all finding something

Alrighty, just talked with a rep for Next Insurance and was pretty excited that they have it custom tailored for window cleaners and power washers.

One MAJOR problem, and I urge everyone to verify this with their own policies, they exclude the use of ‘hazardous chemicals’. He put me on hold and conferred with a supervisor, and surprise…bleach is not allowed in any concentration.

I pointed out most soft washing is done with soap and diluted bleach, and asked how they could insure all these guys washing houses with that exclusion. He said, “maybe next year we can work out a better policy from our provider”.

This is really frustrating.

I referred @benji_man7 to Baldwin Insurance Agency in Kearney, MO and they found him insurance. Call Baldwin. Tell them Brodie Leap with Squid’s Pressure Washing LLC referred you.

I get a $5 QuikTrip giftcard from them which means I get to save my coffee money. :slight_smile:


@dcbrock see above.

certificate after certificate, it’s like we’re taking you to raise…lol Did you get the HA credit?

Baldwin only insures local companies. I’m in KY.

Maybe when you talk to insurance companies tell them you wash houses with a pressure washer. Most don’t know what soft washing is and they don’t care either.

If you tell them you spray acids on the sides of houses to remove rust they’d stay far away from you lol.


Did you call?

I called them yesterday to hassle them for it.

I did, yes. She said they only insure MO.

Dang. Try Erie insurance, Scottsdale insurance, and Nationwide

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Tried Nationwide, they want $780/mo. My current WC policy is $70/mo.

Where are you located?