Canopy paint pealing?

So I went out to give an estimate today at a BP gas station. The corporate property manager wants the canopy power wash. She wants to get it ready to be painted again. The canopy’s paint is peeling off and just looks aweful. How would you approach thi? It’s not a big canopy and I forgot to capture a picture for you guys. I was just going to apply a house wash mix, dwell and rinse. What do you think?

IMO, any half decent painter would do his own prep… if you are expected to get peeling paint off charge accordingly.


I agree. Let the painter do his own prep. You don’t want them bad talking you when you don’t get all the flaking paint off. It will also be a nightmare to clean up the paint chips


You guys are right, I will pass on this job and add a house in the mix for the weekend lol. Thanks, that’s why I do not even bother to look at a job for a quote if the customer says she needs it prepped to paint. Lol

In my brief experiences, i have agreed to exactly 1 paint prep job… about 250 ft of painted cinder block foundation, about 500 sq ft of painted sidewalk, and a 35-40ft long wooden staircase.

He needed stairs done just for looks from a distance… told him no, he said he didnt care about looks but just wanted flakes off… hit everything with turbo nozzle and he didnt want me to worry about clean up.

Unless its that easy i wont bother with estimate either.

I will call the property manager tomorrow and let her know what the outcome would be like. If she says go with it, then I’ll get it done. But it really won’t hurt my feelings if they just hire someone else. Lol there’s plenty more gas stations around.

Tell her your not picking the paint chips up either.

More than likely there are more stations that need cleaning. Talk with the property manager and find out exactly what they want. You want to be their go to man for pressure washing. I cleaned wet paint from a deck a few years ago for a large painting contractor, l didn’t charge anything because I was already at the job working on another project. Sense then I’ve been pressure washing for him before he paints. I just bid a pressure washing project for him for over $45k. I learned early on that being able to do what other companies can’t do pays the most money.

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Well I ended up explaining to her that I would chip off a lot of the flaking paint if I applied a lot of pressure and that cleanup would be an extra charge. Believe it or not, but the property manager wants me to just clean it without having paint chips everywhere. She stated she would have it painted sometime in the future but for now to just get it clean. So I am going to head that way in a bout 30 minutes to clean it up. Any advice on spraying a BP gas station that’s open 24/7 lol I have common sense so please no negative answers. I will be blocking off one side of the pumps with my truck and the other side I have cones and caution tape. The canopy leads all the way up to the front door.

Interesting, how’s it going?

So I started, and even with a soft wash the paint was flaking everywhere. I loaded up, sent some pics to the property manager about the condition of the canopy and how I am not going to do it. I suggested she just get it repainted. That’s pretty much it. Lol

Ya you would have looked pretty bad if you left flakes across the entire gas station
People trying to save money on something they can’t…

Can you post some pics?

I wouldn’t have even stopped lol