Cannot get down stream injector to work with 150' of hose

Got jobs coming up and I can’t figure this out! Also upgraded my inlet hose to 1" diameter and now I’m finally getting 4gpm. This pressure washer hasn’t worked right since the day I bought it I swear. Idk much but I do know it wasn’t putting out 4gpm before hand. At least I don’t think it was. Anyway, can’t get chemical to draw. Only if I go down to 50’ of hose. Upgraded gun, and like I said, hose diameter from buffer tank to washer/pump. Including video of setup jk, no I’m not. Doesn’t support the form of video (recorded with my iPhone)

0040 tip. 2.1 injector.
Pop the gun off and see if it pulls soap thru the hose. If it does it’s probably your gun. Spray thru the gun without a tip. If it pulls soap your tips are probably to small.

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It pulls thru my hose of 50’. But I want to use my 150’ hose and it’s just not working.

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Innocent is helping you trouble shoot the problem.
With 150 feet of hose take the wand off and see if it pulls soap.
If it pulls with wand off than your wand is the problem.

What size downstream injector do you have?
Is the arrow on the downstream injector pointing in the right directions?
What nozzles size(s) are you trying to downstream with?

Right what I’m saying is, I upgraded from a 6.6 gpm gun to a 12gpm gun. Still same problem. And I don’t know what size my down stream injector is. I bought a Simpson Honda gx390…it’s a AAA pump. Bought it from pressure washers direct. Seemed like the best bang for my buck ATM but now I wish I would have done a little more research. I belive the unloader and the down stream injector is built into the pump. I’m not very educated on this stuff (I’m trying to learn as much as I can) and how it all works but I’m getting there. Anyway. I have a job tomorrow at 11am. Any suggestions on how I can get SH on the house (2 story) without a down stream injector? ( I can rinse just fine I have black and pink tip) frusturated thank you

Give us the results of the tests you performed so we can direct you from there

A picture could help us determine, but if you can detached the downstreamer than do that and change to another one.

If you have a northern tools near you, go pick up another down stream injector. Place it after unloader, and see if that works.
Im guessing you dont have an xjet, but thats another way to soap.
Absolute worst case use a pump up to soap the house and rinse with your machine.

Probably best if he doesn’t show up tomorrow to wash with a black and pink tip anyway. Stuff like this is what makes it hard to command higher prices and be deemed professional by the public.


If this is what you have then it’s not going to pull through more than 50 ft of hose. You need a different injector that goes in the line. I’m not sure though but you might have to cap the built in one off somehow.

It’s similar but I think mine is quite bigger than that. 4gpm 4200 psi. Thank you for the info. I suppose I’ll have to look into a way to add on a injector

Lol…what your deal guy? Out here doing what I can and the black and pink tip work for getting 2nd story. What would you suggest so I look more professional.

Sounds like you got it under control. My mistake. Maybe I need a pink nozzle.


John, don’t take this wrong but the fact that you can’t make the injector work and that you don’t realize that there’s no such thing as a pink nozzle only faded red ones, means that you are asking for trouble by selling yourself as a pressure washing contractor. You have no idea how much damage you can do to someone’s property because of a lack of knowledge. Good luck, keep at it and be careful.


Steve, don’t take this wrong but you have no idea what you are talking about.

Maybe you do, they are on amazon. 2nd story pink tip nozzle. Apologize whenever it’s convenient. I can’t stand ignorance. All you have to do is ask what I’m talking about. You fail to even amuse the idea that just maybe you don’t know everything!!!

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John, don’t take this wrong but if you had any clue what you’re doing you wouldn’t be using those tips regardless of the color. And, you sure as heck would not have had to ask such a simple question as why doesn’t my machine draw soap when you don’t even understand the difference between an in-line hi-draw injector and that cheap-o thing you bought. Good luck to you though.

Start here and build the proper tip set up.

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Dude, you asked a question and i gave you a very detailed response on how to figure out what was going on. You ignored it. I never said they weren’t pink tips. You asked for help and I gave it. Why you have an appointment to wash a house when you have sub standard equipment and no clue what you are doing is your business. Don’t snap at those qho offered help. Go pound sand.


Lol whatever dudes

The best advice on here will usually be from @Innocentbystander. @John_Lange “you can’t stand ignorance”…seems like an odd place to post such a statement. Can someone say irony. These guys are trying to help you. Why are you so upset? Don’t take everything so personal. No one knows you here, just what you wrote. How did you tests go? They’re probably still willing to help.

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Lol. They clearly are making fun of me for having sub par equipment and trying to call me an idiot because “there is no such thing as a pink tip” I don’t want help from people who are that ignorant forget it. I’m done explaining myself to anyone y’all can circle jerk It up peace