Can you tell me specs

I checked this out today but couldn’t tell what pump it had or anything , I’m looking for something 4gpm, I know I should google it I did for hours, couldn’t find much, it came with a 11 hp engine now has the gx390 my main issue is the pump I can’t find ANY INFO so I look to the pros or someone who has had one

At 3000 psi I doubt it’s 4 gpm. There are some pretty common combos, but 4 gpm 3000 psi isn’t one of them. Especially with a Simpson.

Great news though! That engine alone is worth $480 if it’ll run with minimal work. You can get up to a 5.5 gpm pump for it on that engine and retain a workable psi.

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For $1500 you could have a better machine than many of us started with. Lol

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That’s as sherwin Williams “contractor” special. I’ve ran across a few here in there in my search to finally get an amazing deal on Craigslist. Ive never seen one with the actual sticker that says what the pump is supposed to put out as most of them are 15-25 years old. I’ve heard 4.1 I’ve heard 2.8. I’m sure there were diffrent models but they all have one thing in common. They all leak water under the manifold. Some worse than others. Second hand info I’ve heard it can be fixed with a plunger repair kit but i dout you could find one. Someone near me had one for sale for 190 dollars. I passed after I couldn’t find any parts for it after searching for 2 hours. If you can get it dirt cheap and your an engine guy it seems like a decent backup. But i wouldn’t spend more than a few hundred on it, I would anticipate it being a project, and i would not make it my everyday machine. Just my opinion.

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I think I need to invest in some mechanical training. I wana be able to pull stuff like this off.

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Dealing with the common set ups… 4 gpm/4k, 4gpm/3.5k, etc… but then some larger units come at 2500 and larger GPM.

Is there a diff in stress/work on pump if comparing similar set ups like the 4gpm and 3.5/4 psi?

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I’m probably down a long list of people to ask about mechanicals and machine repairs, etc. but I bought a book on small engine maintenance that was $14 and super helpful in teaching me how they work. Everything else is just research and videos and bugging the IBS’s, Racer’s, and Gregs of the forum

The only reason I know the common combos is from looking at different pressure washers and reading the specs nearly everyday for 3 years. Ha! My life is pretty exciting!

@Hammerhead360 you can call Simpson too. Their customer service is pretty darn helpful. Warranty dept… not so much. But just because it says Simpson doesn’t mean it’s not the same as every other Honda and pump combo that someone else slapped their name on.

I’d bet a can of Grizzly long cut and a bottle of Cherry Pepsi that the pump is a AAA which is a bottom of the barrel pump. Udor, Landa, many folks swear by General pumps. You CAN get a really good pump for that thing and be in business.

I guess it’s time to bite the bullet :disappointed_relieved:

Found it

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I’m glad you’re posting more. lol you’re a research pro. From the least inexpensive Udors to dropping knowledge on this.

Lol. I have to find random stuff on the interwebs all the time. Especially good prices on stuff. In the middle of replacing all my PW equipment that got stolen earlier in the year.

So do you think it’s worth it getting this thing, I found a owners manual but not sure if it was the exact same one that said it was a gp pump 3.9gpm, I know it was found above but you think someone put a 13 hp engine on a 3gpm pump maybe that’s why it says 3kpsi because it came with a 11 hp i don’t know it’s hard for me to make decisions without knowing details, also, tried calling Simpson today and they had no idea about it.

Guys, you’ll kill me. Why would you waste even 30 min on something like this. You can dress up a pig, but it’s still a pig. Time is everything in this business. Spend the time and effort in marketing, learning your trade, etc. But spend the money and get a decent sized new machine that you can pay for in a couple of weekends… If it’s going to be the foundation of your new venture you don’t want to be rebuilding engines, pumps etc. If you want to rebuild small engines, open an engine repair shop.

If you can’t afford it right now, get a part time job flipping burgers or delivering pizzas or something for a month or two and put every bit of the extra money towards your equipment. I’ve had a lot of businesses and I made the decision based on experience that when I bought a piece of equipment it was going to be the best there was within reason, because I wanted to grow the business, not worry about my equipment or spend time tinkering with it. Trust me, as your business grows, you’ll have plenty of stuff to tinker with, modify, etc to keep you busy w/o worrying about the core items of your business.


This is the most disturbing part of the whole thread :dizzy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s probably better than spam and cheerwine

Not at the same time. Cherry Pepsi first so you have a spitter, then the Grizz IMG_2205

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Lol thanks for the help I’ll go check it out again today and see what I think, I figured it being belt driven I ran across a decent little setup,for basic cleaning,

Probably the best advice ever. Personally I’m waiting for that special storage unit to come up for auction.

You know when you’re doing something dumb and your dad is watching but you don’t know he’s watching then you get to the point just prior to reaching the pinnacle of extra dumb and your dad says something like, “Are you sure about that?” My kid brother and I used to call it “getting dad bombed”.

Anyway, I had a throwback to that feeling briefly when I read your post @racer.

. But @racers right. You can buy a 5.5 gpm machine with the same engine new for $1500. The pumps just not as good. (As a udor or Landa)

Scratch buying the engine at $480 too… just found them for $330 brand new. $500 with a key starts

I’ll just moonwalk disgracefully outta this thread now…


Lol true but I don’t have a water tank yet so I’d hav to stick to 4gpm, I will take yalls advice and moon walk out of here as well, cya pressure Washing nerds haha