Can we fix it?

Hey guys any chance we can add professional section that you can only access by proving you have an insured business that is confirmed by 3rd party.
I’m thinking some of the guys that are definately worth having on this site are leaving due to the repetition of simple facts about the business that a lot of newcomers are too lazy to find for themselves.
Instead of this forum being a place to relate technology, techniques, chems,marketing, etc to other folks in similar situations it is a place where total newbies question the advise of established veterans and expect to be spoonfed the most simple of tasks that they seem incapable of researching themselves.

I am not a veteran pressure washer , I have only been doing it for 6 years with a professional machine and using limited chems due to lack of knowledge that such techniques existed ( my fault for not looking hard enough)

Recently I discovered this forum and the wealth of knowledge it contains.
The word form of knowledge is great but to have guys like racer and others on hand to provide critical support if needed is invaluable.
My question is… why are people that were so happy to provide unlimited information to this forum leaving??


Self righteousness

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Not to dig at you, whatsoever, so please don’t take what I’m about to say as such. I am a full time teacher, as I am just starting out my business. As an 8th grade teacher (13-14 year olds), I hear the same questions, “What do I do”, “Where do I find that”, etc., even after I have it CLEARLY visible and have explained it multiple times. When they are too lazy to remotely lift their eyes or listen, then it becomes frustrating. I do not find myself “self-righteous” but instead, I am frustrated at having to say the same thing over and over again. I also find that to be part of my personality. While I am no way perfect, I cannot stand hearing the same questions and it becomes frustrating. On the flip side, I know teachers whom those questions do not bother. But, when others are too lazy to remotely do their own research and expect to be “spoon fed,” as the original poster stated, then that becomes a problem and I truly believe that some of that is part of the current generation (which I myself am a millennial). Although it is not ALL, it certainly is a good portion.

@Dantheman i was not referring to you at all.
I apologize if it came across like that.
Was referring to the topic at hand.


There’s naturally turn over in posters. If you go back a few years very few of tbe posters from the time are still here. There will always be new PWers here. If that irritates a poster they need to toughen up a bit. Some posters have a history of leaving and coming back. Each person needs to find out what works for them.

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The site would have to delete the ‘newbie’ section then, and probably see a huge reduction in new members. I’m no stranger to forums, and a good one will help a genuinely information hungry novice grow in their endeavor.

At first I was put off by the high volume of standard ‘do a search’ replies, and I understand the frustration of repeated questions, of which I am guilty. Just keep in mind there is no ‘school’ for power washing that I’m aware of, so short of becoming an employee or 1099 for an established company, we have to start from scratch.

This site and the many experienced people on here are an invaluable source of info, and we all want at least two things…a good source of income and prevention of customer property damage.

If patience isn’t a virtue with new people, simply refrain from posting a reply and continue discussions with the veterans.


Absolutely, I definitely agree that we all start from somewhere and that there is no school for it. I, myself, was guilty of asking before searching. After doing some searching on my own, I then knew what I didn’t know and could thus ask “better” or more specific questions that the forum did not necessarily provide.


There are both online and in person PWing schools. Doug Rucker, etc.

Its supposed to be a medium where you can exchange ideas and views on a particular subject… That means new guys and veterans can freely give their opinions. It’s all up to you what you want to take in or respond to. Nobody is forcing anyone to respond to their post. If someone post something that is oblivious then just dont respond. If there wasnt a medium then it wouldnt be a forum at all.


Yea, I was a member of pirate4x4. Talk about needing thick skin. This is cats play.


I like it when a newbie questions a veteran. its about the only time you get the answer you were looking for. Also if someone is posting a question of a forum they are asking everyone on the forum. Everyone has a opinion some experienced some uneducated, but on a forum everyone has the right to share their opinion thats the beauty of it. I personally like that fact. I like sharing my opinion on something im interested in. Its up to you to read it or not. :grinning:

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Never heard of that one but ive seen plenty of auto site wear they are brutal.

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I beleive you. Those truck forums are great tho ! Lol.

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Cant be worse than youtube

My post was not directed toward any individuals.
Some may understand what I’m getting at and others wont.

Nailed it. :+1:

You can ask a professor what the book means and they will explain . It’s their job . If you ask a professor how to read the book they will tell you , this is not the place for you yet. You need to study the basics before you can understand the technical.


Not at all the reason why people have left. I won’t get into it. But trust me, this isn’t the issue.

There will always be some turnover on a forum, and always be newbie posts. Nothing wrong with advising someone what search terms to use, or simply ignore threads that don’t interest you.

There is a private part of the forum for those who have built up a higher trust level, called the “lounge”

There is also a private section for paying PWRA/WCRA members.

I don’t think we need anything beyond those.


Fair call mate , I have recently been brought up to speed on issues that I did not realize were taking place.
I am keen to join private section by paying membership if nobody objects as I would like to further my education.
As for the lounge I guess time will tell…

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Darn right i’m to lazy to find the information my self. Its why I join a form and not pick up an out dated how too book from the 70’s
1.) Some times we need help right now and cant afford to dig thru the forms.
2.) Information has an expiration date and can become irrelevant.
3.) Every one has there own opinions.
4.) People come and go and new information can be added each time a questions is asked. Even the veterans can change the way the do things from there post several years ago as thing change.

I read old posts when I have time to get even more opinions, I even read the post for enjoyment like a good book as crazy as it sounds. Yes a lot of of post are repetitive, but some times you find new information. This is All forums.

Im newbie to this form and pressure, power & soft washing its self but have been active on several other professional forms one for 10+ years and the other for at least 7 years being an administrator for both.

I recently lost intrset in a forum I was once so active in for over a decade all because the forum is dieing. Ive meet alot of great people, and some not so good people (my opinion) and contributed to a large part of my success in our company’s.
The other forum, I left becuse they moved over to Facebook and close down the web site.

To answer your Question
Like Infinity said. Turn over is normal and expected and theres a number of reasons why people leave.

Some people get bored, busy, never intended to stay, better forums, Newer ways to communicate, some stop posting and just read, no longer in the trade, not interesting, or get in fights with other members. Just to name some

**Its the responsibility of the website owner to keep the forums alive, advertise and update the way we communicate bringing in new members both newbies and experienced vets. and the responsibility of the administrators to keep the forums a fun place to be. **