Can we be PW besties?

Hey guys,

I introduced myself last year and kind of fell by the wayside while I last Fall due to an EMT class. I wanted to reintroduce myself and, kind of put myself out there. I left corp. life at 30 (34 this month) to help family and pursue fire/EMT, a goal I am still working toward. I’ve owned a couple of small businesses in the past but nothing like this. I feel like I am SUPER green in pressure washing, though I read anything I can get my hands on about the industry. I moved to NC about two years ago to help family and try to go career fire. I know there’s a couple of you guys on here who live in NC and SC and would like to find out if I could bend your ear and ask for advice in terms of the industry in this region. I’m not trying to take business from anyone; heck, perhaps we could end up partnering on things.

Basically “Hi, can we be internet pressure washing besties?”

What city?


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Do you work for Mooresville Fire?

I do not. I am a volunteer with another local dept. and have an app packet submitted to them though.