Can’t get my DSI to pull in my cleaning solution

Hey there guys! I am attempting to use
Mi T M AW-8400-0021 Q/C Detergent…
I bought this one and have it hooked up to my 3100 PSI 2.5GPM Honda unit and I cannot get it to suck the liquid. It works without a hose or gun or nozzle but as soon as I put the gun hose into my quick attachment it stops working. Must be a pressure thing, right? Would love any advice you guys might have. Thanks!

Probably need 3/8 hose and a decent trigger gun

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Pictures please post pictures


Sorry for late response… I just fixed the stock injector and downstreamed from that. Already have upgraded my equipment and have moved on thankfully! Appreciate the feedback though. Never got it to work through my injector I purchased though!

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