Can’t bag down pipes - is gypsum pellets the answer?

Are gypsum pellets what people use to collect run off when the down pipes can’t be bagged?

I’m a bit stuck as all three jobs I’ve looked at can’t be bagged :frowning:

Gypsum pellets arent going to absorb the sh so none goes in the landscape. Gypsum just helps to reverse salt damage.


Thanks. I heard someone mention it and wasn’t sure.

Hmmm what to do…

Why can’t they be bagged?

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If your doing a roof cleaning, then you should be spraying so you have very little drip/runoff


They are all like this…

Where do they lead?

I suppose you could throw a scoop of gypsum into the downspout before washing?

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Where do they dump out at? You also could block the downspouts so that the run off stays in the gutter and evaporates.

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If they run out somewhere you can bag them there. If they are pop up drains most likely the last few feet of the drain underground is slotted drainpipe so there is not a lot you can do in that case other then try to avoid runoff the best you can or flooding the downspouts with water to try and dilute things the best you can.

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There are about 30- 40 or so of them all around the units, upper and lower ones. Blocking them all at the same time might prove troublesome?

Where do they go…

They go straight into small storm drain pipes which are under the concrete and then they go straight into the grid(s) in the picture. The grid runs to the back of the main storm drain at various places in the street.

Don’t worry mate , there will be minimal runoff due to porosity of tiles. No dolphins will be harmed from runoff lol.
Whatever happened to @buzzlightyear anyways? He was a funny kiwi fella


Thanks @AUSSIE

Ok, I need to make a decision on those two setups?!

12v $600


It is quiet, very new hose, reel and tanks.


The 12v pump is a $179 pump brand new, so I don’t think it will be lasting long. The tank is only 100 litres.

GX160 $500


Reliable engine. The pump (according to Nova Pumps) is indestructible and can handle chlorine no problems, just not acids. It will do 46LPM and throttle down to 2LPM. I prefer the style of pump to 12v ones.


More noise. Replacement Nova pumps are $1100 (I don’t know the condition of his one) so it might cost me more like $1500.


Go the one u like the best mate it will all work out in the end. I liked the canopy that was advertised with the petrol setup those things cost$$ and it looked like all it needed was a clean and maybe a coat of paint to either keep or resell for more cash, was it included in the 500?

0438927959 give me a buzz anytime mate, you are helpful to a lot of people on pwra and I will help u in turn wherever I can :+1:

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If all outlets to the street flow the same way, I would damn the flow to the drain with sand bags and use a cheap submersible to pump the waste water onto a grassed area.
In most areas of QLD,VIC,NSW, SA you can be fined for letting anything run into drains, even roof oxidization even though all roof surfaces in Australia need to be food safe, for rain water harvesting.


Go slow, don’t flood the roof. Spray the first foot of roof first…then start at the top. Slow and let it run down, repeat.

Throw in some extra soap to help stick. But you should have less then a cup of SH per gutter run off when ur done