Can my washer draw water out of a barrel or mobile tank?

I own a 3100-PSI 2.5 GPM Honda Gas Pressure Washer. I want to connect it to drum or tank to draw water. It works well when connected to garden hose but now I gotta work at remote sites with unreliable piped water supply. Will it work? i don’t want to damage it by trying. Unfortunately the user manual is silent on this topic


Belt drive? Yes.

Direct drive? No.

Only way it’ll work is if you have a large water tank. Like a 275 tote in the back of a truck and then your washer on the ground gravity feeding it. HOWEVER, that would mean traveling with a full water tank which is VERY dangerous. If your washer is only a 2.? Gpm unit then you really shouldn’t have any issue with getting enough water no matter where you are

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Good point.

275 gallons of water x 8 lbs per gallon… 2200 lbs. that’s not including tank weight or whatever else the truck is holding. That’s over the max payload for F-150’s, Tundras, and Silverados so I hope you have a bigger truck if you go that route.

Also at 2.5 gpm a 275 gallon tank gives you maybe two hours of wash time before you have spend another half hour filling it up.

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There’s a local guy with a lifted Silverado. I think it’s even a 1500. He keeps a full tote in the bed making it squat and does mobile detailing with a small washer like that. I keep thinking he’s going to blow a spring or cause an accident.

I’m currently rocking a tote on a my trailer but only keep about 25 gallons in it when traveling. Can’t wait to put my poly tank on.

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